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Vines Greco (25 %), Minutolo (75 %)

Color: Straw yellow color with greenish reflections.
Smell: Bouquet of fresh fruit and pleasant floral notes.
Taste: Taste with excellent balance between fruit and acidity, aromatic with a clean finish.
Food pairing: A captivating aperitif, it goes well with seafood, crustaceans and vegetables.

A Mano Bianco is the most unusual wine you will find in Puglia, perhaps throughout Italy. The slightly dried Fiano Minutolo gives the blend the scent of white peach and the floral component.
The Greco comes from an old vineyard, not irrigated, located in the hills with sandy soil, it adds body and citrus notes. It is a fresh and delicious aperitif.
The scent is "Nordic", the body is full, highly satisfying with a fresh and pleasant acidity.

Production area of ​​the grapes: Locorotondo, Martina Franca, Massafra, Gravina in Puglia.
Vinification: Fermentation takes place at low temperature, around 7 ° C for 10 weeks, to preserve all the aromas of fresh fruit. A part of the Fiano Minutolo is naturally dried to confer more complexity.
Maturation: It rests 3 months in steel tanks and 3 months in bottle.

A Mano

Mark is a winemaker and comes from California while Elvezia is from Friuli. They met in Sicily in 1997. In 1998 Mark proposed to visit Puglia to see the old Primitivo vineyards. According to studies by the University of Davis in California Primitivo and Californian Zinfandel are genetically identical. The expanse of old sapling vineyards is an enchanting sight for anyone, let alone an American winemaker. They immediately felt a strong attraction for this region. It was supposed to be a short vacation. They never left! Since then nothing has changed: they produce excellent wines using only native Apulian grapes. They propose a contemporary style with the utmost respect for the territory. They offer extraordinary quality at fair prices. Why A Mano? Because we feel like craftsmen. We take care of every detail from the vineyard to the bottle with the same passion that is dedicated to truly handmade products.

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