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A great specialty born from the encounter between the sweet and fragrant Brachetto "Giulio Cocchi" and the soft dough of the Panettone Albertengo.


The story of the Albertengo family begins in an old bakery in Torre San Giorgio, in the province of Cuneo. We are at the end of the 1800s and in this small town at the foot of the Monviso, the Albertengo bakers bake crunchy and fragrant bread every day for all the inhabitants. Like all good things, the secrets and art of the bakery are handed down from generation to generation up to the 1950s, the years of the Italian economic miracle; it is precisely in this fortunate period that Domenico Albertengo and his wife Caterina have a far-sighted intuition. Thanks to the new well-being of our country, new consumer needs are growing, Italians want to indulge in a dessert that is unique but traditional at the same time, and this is how the first Panettone Albertengo was born. Success is not long in coming. To meet the growing demands of the market, the Albertengo family hires its first employees and begins to devote more time to pastry. Bakery therefore becomes a precious wealth of experience to always carry with you and which still makes the difference in terms of quality, even after 60 years and hundreds of thousands of baked Panettone. Not everyone knows that the Albertengo Panettone is produced with natural yeast, it is among the most difficult and most demanding desserts to produce: its unmistakable flavor, the proportionate shape, its softness do not depend only on the top quality ingredients that are used in the dough, but from a series of values ​​and special factors in perfect balance with each other. Panettone Albertengo stands out from other panettone as a unique and excellent product. To meet these characteristics and be able to become the unmistakable Italian Christmas cake in the world, Albertengo has developed particular attention to added values: the people who work with the company and the environment in which the product is born. All Albertengo's collaborators are highly specialized and thanks to their professionalism and dedication, each panettone is baked with a unique passion. The place where this product is born is equally unique: Torre San Giorgio is the ideal place to create this gastronomic excellence because it is located in an uncontaminated environment at the foot of the Maritime Alps. For this reason, it is possible to say that Albertengo really follows the rhythms of nature and man, to give you an inimitable Panettone every year and in keeping with the family tradition.

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