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Stuffed figs and individually wrapped in a box.


The young Oronzo Provenzano, progenitor of a family of ice cream makers and pastry chefs had worked for some years as a helper in Casalpusterlengo in a shop next to a small ice cream parlor where the boy eager to learn the secrets of the trade spent all his free time . This is where her passion for ice cream was born, a passion that accompanied her throughout her life and passed on to her seven children. In 1917 after the defeat of Caporetto, disturbed by the events of those days, he returned to his country and began his business as a merchant by opening a shop in via Roma. In 1918 he married Giuseppina Scarpa and in 1919 the first of nine children was born (two of whom died at an early age). he could have: a tub of ice and salt. The result must not have been despicable if he continued to produce ice cream, improving over the years thanks also to the contribution of his eldest son Giuseppe who showed an uncommon intuition in identifying which additions and which replacements could have improved the already appreciable results. It was a natural talent and a deep passion that animated his father Oronzo and his eldest sons, so much so that in the 1930s he decided to buy a machine to produce ice cream from the Carle & Montanari company in Milan. It was a significant boost for the Provenzano company, which had already begun to make itself known in the area, business was really good but Oronzo was worried because he had not yet paid for the car and the company was not sending requests for money. After a few months he decided to send the amount due anyway, explaining that he had waited a long time for their notice for payment. The company responded by deeply thanking it: the contract had been lost. As a sign of recognition for such honesty, he sent him a pastry book from the Hoepli publishing house as a gift. The Provenzano company thus expanded its production by opening a small pastry shop in via S. Antonio. It was at that time that Giuseppe began to cultivate the idea of ​​opening a bar in Piazza Garibaldi, a real new and modern bar. He began to pray to his father to convince Don Silvio Santese to rent them the place that was located under the building that stood in the square that really seemed the ideal place to create a bar. In the meantime, the call to arms arrived: Giuseppe left on 4/4/1939 as a conscript soldier for Rhodes in the Aegean. The agreement with Don Silvio had been finalized and the bar was under construction in fact it was opened in a few months. While Giuseppe was in the military, World War II broke out and he was held in the army so that his father decided to send him the photo of the new bar in which his little brother Silvio (the child with ice cream in his hand) who had never seen his brother Hamlet was also portrayed. (the bartender who offers ice cream to the patrons) Oronzo himself sitting in the center of the photo and Ugo behind him. Giuseppe jealously guarded the photograph so much that when with the armistice of 8 September he was ordered to surrender to the German troops knowing that any personal object would be confiscated, he hid the photograph by sewing it inside the lining of his coat, thus managing to carry it around with him. memory of his family from Rhodes to the Leipzig concentration camp where he remained a prisoner of war until 1945.

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