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Vines Pinot Grigio ( %)
Philosophy Biodynamic Wines

Color: straw yellow with light reddish reflections

Smell: discreet aromas, accentuated bouquet, fruity (melon, peach), spicy, mineral notes

Taste: full-bodied but very lively, fresh and fruity, dry

Pairings: with countless appetizers, terrines and pates, ham and sausages, fish, crustaceans, white meats, poultry

This wine is the result of an assembly between various components. Part of the grapes were vinified immediately, another remained in contact with the skins for 15 hours, and a third part remained in contact with the stems and skins for about a year. Every year, driven by the pleasure of experimenting and an innovative spirit, we seek the best way to integrate various components together, to create an elegant, fresh and precise wine.

Origin: selected plots located on the Magrè alluvial fan  of Magrè
Altitude: 230 - 240 meters a.s.l. earthy, sandy, stony and very calcareous
Age of vines: 13 - 30 years
Harvest: 21 - 25 August 2017
Fermentation: spontaneous fermentation partly in steel and partly in wooden barrels
Refinement of the wine: on the lees, partly in steel) and partly in wooden barrels (about 9 months)
Assembly between various components: a part of the grapes was vinified immediately (classic wine-making), another
remained in contact with the skins for 15 hours, and a third part remained in contact with the stalks and peels.

Alcohol: 12.5% ​​vol.
Acidity: 5.5 g / liter

Alois Lageder

IN TUNE WITH NATURE By applying the principles of the biological-dynamic method, the Alois Lageder wine estate cultivates 55 hectares of vineyards owned by the family in South Tyrol. The holistic approach is at the basis of all the activity, of the relationships that bind them for many years with the numerous wine-growing partners, and also of their ambition to spread awareness for a more natural and sustainable agriculture. The wines embody the diversity of South Tyrol. With the Classic Vines they want to bring out the variety of the territory. The compositions are born from a union of various components and enhance the differences and peculiarities of the vineyards from which they are born. With the Masterpieces we seek excellence and perfect every aspect of viticulture.

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