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Vines ( %), Negroamaro ( %)

Color: intense ruby ​​red.

Smell: intense and elegant aromas of blackberry and plum.

Taste: in the mouth it is pleasant and full-bodied, balanced, with good acidity, vinous, ethereal. The tannic structure is also intense, which is however soft.

Food matches: excellent with red meat dishes, fish in broth not very spicy, mixed boiled and cooked meats, fermented and hard cheeses.


Regional production: Salice, Veglie, Guagnano, San Pancrazio, San Donaci Cultivation: old sapling vineyards. The trunk is kept at 40-60 cm from
land. Few gems (6-8) to guarantee quality production.
Climate: typically Mediterranean, determined by the mitigating action of the sea, which guarantees long, dry summers (500-600 mm / year) to the Salento peninsula and
sunny (on average 2600 hours of sunshine per year). The Adriatic coast between Otranto and Leuca is rainier than the Ionian coast up to Gallipoli, where warm winds prevail
North African; north of Otranto there are Balkan influences which cause slightly lower temperatures.
Territory: characterized by extensive flat areas and modest hills. The region is geologically made up of a limestone structure. The territory, made except for some areas, it is
stony, composed of rocky layers and limestone banks.

Harvest: manual, when the bunch is fully ripe. In order to have a good structure, the collection is delayed to favor the concentration of sugars and substances
Vinification: traditional fermentation of 30-45 days of the must, at controlled temperature, in large Slavonian oak barrels.
Aging: 6 months in French barriques, 6 months in large barrels and 6 months in bottle.
Serving method: we recommend a pot-bellied glass, to be wrapped in the hands, large and with a convex edge, to let the wine breathe effectively,
gradually raise its temperature and allow the release of its complex aromas.
Storage: many years, if the wine is stored in suitable cellars, at a constant temperature between 10-14 ° C and humidity between 60-70%, away from light sources, in
horizontal position, so that the cap always remains damp and elastic.


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