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Arette Tequila is produced exclusively with traditional methods, without the use of diffusers, and Pot Still distillers.

Agave 100% Azul is cultivated only in the fields owned by the distillery, adjoining to the city of Tequila, a particular terroir that produces Agaves with a high fiber content and low water content, necessary to create the full-bodied and tasty style by Arette.

Tequila Blanco not aged.

Colorless, it fascinates with the classic clear herbaceous and pungent sensations.
In the mouth it is warm and soft, round, with herbaceous returns and remarkable persistence.
Extremely pleasing smooth, but perfect for tradition cocktails like Margarita or Paloma.

In pairing we recommend good chocolate or structured desserts.


The "El Llano" distillery, is one of the oldest in the region that still produces Tequila. It is located in the heart of the city on the banks of the Tequila volcano and is managed by the brothers Jaime and Eduardo Orendain, descendants of one of the most recognized families for Tequila. Known mainly for Arette "Premium Tequila", its symbol has also become that for the distillery. It comes from a famous horse named Arete who was a competitor and champion of the 1948 England Olympics Games in show jumping, led by General Humberto Mariles, together they were the only winners of the double gold medal in the discipline. The choice of this symbol comes from the strength and passion expressed by the legendary horse and found in its own spirit, both in terms of quality and in terms of commitment to production. The company uses only the spring water from the Tequila volcano.

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