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Color: Intense ruby ​​red.
Smell: On the nose, hints of berries, undergrowth and violet.
Taste: On the palate it is full-bodied and fruity with gentle tannins and good acidity
Food pairing: Excellent combination for meat dishes, roasts and spicy food.

Produced with 100% Garnacha grapes, at Artazu domaine, grown at 600 meters above sea level with yields of 28 hl/ha.
After an initial cold maceration, the wine is fermented for 10-12 days in steel.
The wine then undergoes malolactic fermentation in 500-liter French oak barrels, where it rests for 12 months.


Artadi, a story linked to the memory and know-how of our ancestors, non-industrial and based on passion and respect for the vineyard. 1985 Laguardia. A group of winemakers, village men and women with deep-rooted traditions and focusing on their vineyards and wines, found Artadi. In 1992 the Lacalle and Laorden family take control of the project. The obsession with viticulture and the cult of the vineyard led us to discover characteristics that define the personality of unique wines: wines that reflect their origin. The same belief was that which led us to expand our project in 1996 in Navarra (Artazu), in 1999 in Alicante (El Sequé) and in 2015 in Guipúzcoa (Izar-Leku). The experiences of our grandparents have become wisdom and a way of life: we keep alive the winemaking traditions of our ancestors, fighting against the destructive progress that chemistry has introduced in industrialized and disrespectful agricultural management. We aim to preserve the production and enjoyment of a "living" wine, with feelings and spirituality, integrating nature and the vineyard into our lives. With the complete absence of fertilizers and synthetic chemicals used in our fields, we are committed to keeping the vineyard ecosystem alive and to producing organic, sustainable and environmentally friendly wines. We consider our vineyards as living organisms independent of external influences. The earth becomes a huge living "being", in which every plant, stone and living being form its vital organs. Despite being immersed in monoculture, we try to preserve the rich genetic diversity of indigenous vines as a precious wine heritage. In this way we develop the maximum personality of our wines. We reject the large-scale industrial production model and work to maintain sustainable systems, with organic procedures that respect the life and natural balance of the vineyards and their surroundings. Application of the terroir as a wine project; passion for well done things; respect for a historical heritage; love for nature; the personality of our wines ... These are the reasons why we work every day with one goal: to produce inimitable wines. Our wines are "made" in the vineyard and their secrets mature, rest and are zealously supported in the cellar. We appreciate the creation of a good wine, following a natural transformation, evolution and entropy as life processes; bunches of balanced vineyards, indigenous yeasts, low sulfur content, absence of chemical compounds and respect for the evolution of a wine. These confidences that are found in every barrel, enhance the richness of our vines.

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