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Vines Grechetto ( %)
Philosophy Bio Wein

Color: Intense straw yellow.
Smell: The nose expresses floral and fruity notes of ripe white fruits.
Taste: In the mouth it is fresh, balanced, round and harmonious, with a pleasant persistence with aromas of almond.
Food pairing: Perfect for fish and shellfish dishes, white meats and cold cuts.

Grechetto represents the most ancient and traditional variety of the Umbrian lands. It has been present on these hills since Etruscan and Roman times.
The oenological experience allows the company to obtain a soft and intense wine, with qualities of pleasantness and drinkability. Its structure gives it importance and great personality.

Vineyard extension: About 15 ha.
Exposure: South-West.
Altitude: 200-300 meters a.s.l.
Soil: Sedimentary, with the presence of marine fossils, pebbles and calcareous agglomerations.
Breeding system: Double Guyot.
Planting density: 4,500 plants per hectare.
Yield per hectare: about 70 quintals.
Harvest: Manual.
Harvest period: August-September.
Fermentation: With indigenous yeasts, in steel for 20 days.
Fermentation temperature: 15-20 ° C.
Malolactic fermentation: Spontaneous, with indigenous bacteria.
Filtration: No.
Agriculture: Biodynamic inspired. In the vineyards, herbicides and pesticides are not used.
Fertilizations: They are carried out with biodynamic preparations, burying of branches and green manure of herbs and legumes.
Age of vines: 30 years.


The company, born from the passion of Luigi and Giovanna Barberani, was founded in 1961 on the shores of Lake Corbara, in Umbria. The Barberani family renews the ancient rite of the harvest with skilled hands, transforming the grape into a symphony of aromas and flavors with total respect for the territory and tradition. A passion that has its roots in the past and that through the love and devotion handed down from generation to generation, traces the future of Umbrian agriculture, in a timeless journey. All the natural elements present in this exciting, soft and sensual landscape, designed by steep hills, tell the poetry of the places and make the terroir of the Barberani vineyards unique. The soils of marine origin, clay and limestone, are composed of marls rich in fossils and shells that date back to the Eocene period. It is therefore their nature that makes them highly suited to quality viticulture. And it is their work that allows the wine to express its unmistakable personality through aromas and sensations that speak to the soul, revealing the secrets of the place where it was born. The rich ecosystem surrounding the lake, the lifeblood of woods and forests, enhances the aroma, acidity, light iodized hints and typical Mediterranean character of the grape. A character full of nuances and fascinating contrasts, but decisive and strong, like the passion of our family. Harvest after harvest, the link with the territory and its traditions becomes ever more profound and intense. Thus, for generations, the Barberani family, guided by an absolute respect for the land, has lovingly accompanied the natural path of the grape which turns into wine, working by hand with attention and care. It is a sublime form of art that arises from ancient and wise gestures and which, through the collection and pressing, is enhanced in the emotion of the first pour. Barberani has always worked in absolute synergy with nature and territory, in a balance that enhances the Genius Loci, the Spirit in which the ancients recognized the character and personality of each place. And it is precisely this soul of Lake Corbara that infuses the wine with the unique and generous flavor of the mother earth and that offers the palate all the soul and organoleptic complexity of Umbria.

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