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Vines Chardonnay ( %), Pinot Nero ( %)
Bubbles , Sans Année

Color: straw yellow with greenish reflections.

Smell: fresh, rich, elegant, fairly persistent, with notes of white-fleshed fruits and citrus notes.

Taste: reveals remarkable freshness and pleasant acidity; it is soft and balanced, with a pleasant citrus sensation in the finish.

Food matches: it is a wine recommended as an aperitif throughout the meal and it goes well with some typical dishes of Franciacorta, from casoncelli (stuffed ravioli) to plagues (perch and char). It knows how to enhance, without ever overwhelming them, the flavors of the dishes, which are based on rice and pasta rather than white meats or fresh and medium-aged cheeses.

The favorite aperitif for those who, as an aperitif, do not want to give up classicism.

The wide aromas and the pleasant acidity distinguish this blend of Chardonnay (90%) and Pinot Noir (10%) from the most suitable vineyards of Franciacorta, which is refined in the bottle for at least 24 months


There are questions capable of changing the fate of people and places. "What if we made a sparkling wine in the French way?" it was one of those. In 1955 the young and volcanic winemaker Franco Ziliani addressed it to Guido Berlucchi, a country gentleman. Berlucchi was looking for a consultant capable of improving his Pinot del Castello and instead found the partner for an adventure of taste that would change the fate of Franciacorta. Ziliani was fascinated by the elegant figure of Berlucchi, by his elegant home - Palazzo Lana Berlucchi - and by the ancient underground cellar. His youthful dream was to produce a classic method in his native territory, Franciacorta, and dared to propose to Berlucchi the idea of ​​a "sparkling" wine in a territory accustomed to still nectars. Berlucchi accepted, and his friend Giorgio Lanciani joined the two pioneers. The challenge began and, after a few less fortunate years, in 1961 three thousand bottles of Pinot di Franciacorta were sealed. Uncorked the following year, they turn out to be excellent. Franciacorta was born! Franco Ziliani, elected to father of Franciacorta by local winemakers, led the company in the new Millennium, a territory of new and engaging challenges. At his side is the second generation, represented by his sons Cristina, Arturo and Paolo, respectively head of communication, production and commercial area of ​​the Berlucchi house. In an even more dynamic and competitive context than in the 1960s, his descendants show that they have inherited the pioneering vocation of the inventor of Franciacorta. They were responsible for the launch of the Berlucchi ’61 lines and Palazzo Lana Riserva, but above all the total renewal of the vineyard and cellar with the aim of total quality and sustainability. Today Guido Berlucchi is a family business strongly rooted in its territory and together with the standard bearer of Franciacorta and made in Italy outside national borders, as evidenced by its presence at important moments of celebration, one above all the toast for the Oscar for best foreign film in The Great Beauty.

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