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"Extra special bitter" style beer with an amber red color, with a large and persistent foam produced with barley malt, water, hops and yeast; an "ale" expression of a perfect balance of the special malts that characterize it with aromas of dried fruit, toffee and toffee, and the measured but intense use of hops with herbaceous and citrus notes.
In the mouth it is dry, the body is of medium structure, flows pleasantly and leaves a characteristic hop bitterness.

It is ideal to accompany cold cuts and medium-aged cheeses.
Also excellent in combination with first courses of the Mediterranean culinary tradition, roasted red meats and grilled or "country" vegetables.

Alc. 5%
EBC: 16.5
IBU: 28

Birrificio B94

When Raffaele Longo began producing his craft beer in 1994, Salento is a territory devoted to wine production, whose roots lie in a very ancient tradition. The passion and continuous research of a product capable of providing added value, a new lifeblood to an already rich and varied agri-food panorama, inspires the work of the master brewer. And this is how in Lecce, in 2008, passion, research, love for the territory and experience gained over the years, gave life to the B94 brewery. A pioneering all-Salento project that however preserves the original peculiarities of 1994: a craft beer that comes from constant care and attention to the selection of the best ingredients and to the improvement of the production process. The result is a range of beers produced without any pasteurisation treatment or microfiltration, which are inspired by continental styles of high fermentation and are subjected to re-fermentation. With the gaze turned away and the heart rooted in the Apulian territory, the experimentation of the B94 brewery continues, reinterpreting international beer styles with the use of products from their land, triggering fascinating and surprising contaminations between ingredients that are only apparently distant.

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