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Vines Nero di Troia ( %)

Color: Coral pink.
Smell: The nose expresses elegant and gentle floral notes of rose and fruity sour cherries, with hints of citrus.
Taste: The palate is soft and well balanced by a strong sapidity and acid freshness.
Food pairing: Ideal for colorful first courses with seafood, second courses based on fish or white meat.

Soil: Medium mixture tending to clayey.
Plant density: 4.347 vines per hectare.
Breeding system: Espalier with spurred cordon pruning.
Yield per plant: 2 kg.
Harvest: Manual harvest in cases, first ten days of October.
Vinification and aging: Fermentation in stainless steel at 12-14 °C, aging in stainless steel tank for three months and aging in bottle for 1 month.

Borgo Turrito

Borgo Turrito is a winery that combines tradition, youth and innovation. It is located in Borgo Incoronata, a few kilometers from Foggia, in Puglia. in a protected area of ​​over 1000 hectares. The winery is located in the center of an area of ​​great naturalistic interest bathed by the Cervaro stream and protected by the institution of the Bosco Incoronata Regional Park. The cellar, the welcoming showroom and the vineyards are 500 meters away from the Santuario dell'Incoronata, destination of the pilgrimage of thousands of people from all over the world. It comes from the experience and the over one hundred year old passion of a family linked for many generations to the production of wine. Borgo Turrito supports and applies the values ​​of sustainable agriculture: natural resources must be used with care and utmost respect, avoiding waste, preserving their integrity, respecting the rights and passion of agricultural workers; the function and economy of high social and cultural values ​​of farms. The winery and the company showroom are located next to the owned vineyards, completing a 'short chain' which characterizes not only the transformation of the grapes and the sale of the various products, but also the harmonious and functional organization of the company spaces.

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