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Vines Nebbiolo ( %)

Color: Ruby red with garnet reflections.
Smell: The nose is rich and intense with notes of red fruits, slightly spicy and undergrowth notes.
Taste: On the palate it is alive, fresh and balanced, harmonious, with sweet tannins and persistent licorice aromas.
Food pairing: Perfect for red meat dishes, game, dishes with rich sauces, cold cuts and aged cheeses.

Vineyard: The vineyards are located in the municipality of Castiglione Falletto, the heart of the Langhe and the Barolo area. The exposure is East, West and South-West; the soil is calcareous clay, with a depth on the marl of 0.5 meters. The rootstock is Kober/S04, with a density of vines of 4000 / ha and with an age ranging from 6 to 40 years.
Vinification: In red with crushing-destemming, fermentation in steel at controlled temperature for 10-12 days, then submerged cap for 15 days and then subsequent racking and malo-lactic fermentation in small wood in temperature-controlled rooms. Once the malolactic fermentation is complete, a small and large wooden racking is carried out for aging of not less than two years. Finally, bottling is carried out and the wine is refined in the bottle for no less than a year.


Piedmontese family since 1534, its origins, however, are lost over time. It is thanks to the conservation and cataloging work of Don Carlo Pollina (1744-1799), guardian of little Carlo Antonio Boroli, Silvano's great-grandfather, if the many family documents have come down to our times. Among these, the heraldic coat of arms speaks to us of great merits to the crusades, underlined by the crescent and the scimitar brandished by the rampant lion, a symbol of perspicacity and daring. Instead, the radiant sun speaks to us of the abundance of the resources of the family, kissed by divine providence. Silvano married Elena Verri in 1968; they have 4 children (Carlo, Guido, Achille and Filippo) who work in different fields, and now 7 grandchildren. Silvano worked until the 1990s in the graphic-editorial sector, then decided to change his life, dedicating himself to a passion he has always had: the land, which for a Piedmontese can only mean wine in the Langa. Achille, after graduating in business administration, decides to take care of the winery and food and wine. After the recognition of the Michelin Star at the Locanda del Pilone, with the 2012 vintage it radically changes its method in the vineyard and in the cellar, aiming for the total quality of Barolo and its crus. The new cellar, designed by Guido Boroli (architect, the second of the 4 brothers), of over 1,000 square meters, is characterized by three distinct areas: the basement, the ground floor and the tasting room. The basement is dedicated to the maturation and refinement of wines, while the ground floor is used for processing the product. The tasting room is characterized by large windows from which guests, projected in the heart of the Barolo valley between the villages of La Morra, Barolo, Castiglione Falletto, can enjoy a unique panorama in the world. Externally, the first example in the world (then widely imitated), a solid oak coating was applied to the above-ground walls, obtained by dismantling used and no longer usable barriques. From an aesthetic point of view, two interesting results have been obtained: the memory of the Barolo production cycle (the essentiality of the use of oak) and a strong mimicry with the terroir eliminating any visual impact. But all this also has an important technical function: in fact this coating creates excellent natural thermal insulation. The project was published in the most important architecture magazines as an example of the best combination of tradition and innovation.

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