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Vines Glera ( %)
Bubbles Jahrgangswein, Millesimato, Millésimé

Color: Straw yellow with greenish reflections.
Smell: The nose is freshly fruity, with floral and pleasantly aromatic notes.
Taste: On the palate it is fresh, soft, balanced, velvety, with a very pleasant drink.
Food pairing: Ideal for appetizers, fish dishes, sushi and shellfish.

The number one of the sparkling wines of the traditional DOCG line of Bortolomiol. The Roman numeral on the capsule and the name "Prior" recall how Bortolomiol was the first to guess and create this Brut sparkling wine when Prosecco di Valdobbiadene was still only Extra Dry.
Prior is the symbol of the pioneering spirit of Giuliano Bortolomiol who believed in Prosecco di Valdobbiadene (today Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG) and in the Martinotti - Charmat or Italian method of sparkling wine.

Breeding system: Modified Cappuccina.
Average production per plant: 1.5 kg.
Harvest: Second half of September.
Yield: 13,000 kg/ha.
Vinification: Fermentation in white by soft pressing at a controlled temperature and with selected yeasts.
Second fermentation: 25-30 days.
Refinement: 1-3 months.
Sugar residue: 8 g/l.
Total acidity: 6 g/l.


Documents from the mid-1700s attest to the existence of Bartolomeo Bortolomiol, the ancestor whose name and profession have been handed down in the family for generations. Bartholomew all his life cultivated vines on the hills of Valdobbiadene, transmitting to his descendants the love for the land and the aptitude to make the most of it. His lesson went down to Giuliano Bortolomiol, founder of the current sparkling wine company, who has always believed in the quality and future of denomination Prosecco, and has worked in this sense throughout his life. The founder's daughters, Maria Elena, Elvira, Luisa and Giuliana have in turn made this mission their own and, together with their mother Ottavia, have invested resources and energy both in the quality of the product and in the creation of a strong bond with the territory, guided from a principle of environmental responsibility. The generational change has led to the natural evolution towards a managerial vision that has seen the management roles split and specialize between the 4 daughters of Giuliano, now at the helm of the company. A rotation that has seen, however, keep intact the principles of family tradition: first of all the quality of the product and the enhancement of the territory. The commitment of Bortolomiol women is in fact aimed not only at proudly affirming a feminine vision of work, but above all at bringing a new femininity to the world of wine, which for Bortolomiol women means first of all greater sensitivity towards the territory. From conscious and sustainable agriculture projects to attention to the entire production chain, in fact, femininity has become part of daily work on the farm, up to extending to other realities. The future of the company is oriented towards openness, which does not only mean aiming at interesting markets on which to look out with the awareness and pride of the distinctive element of the denomination, but also the authentic commitment of the company in important projects of an environmental and humanitarian. The quality of Bortolomiol products demonstrates the strength of this ancient partnership between winery and suppliers, which is confirmed and enriched through frequent visits to the vineyard, meetings-comparisons, events, refresher courses and technical assistance and moments of conviviality in which are awarded special awards every year in a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere. To further increase the quality, it is necessary to enhance the suitability of the production area through the adoption of the most appropriate management techniques in the vineyard and targeted technical assistance to the suppliers. This is why a program of refresher courses was developed and technical assistance in the field and support for cultivation and defense techniques were planned. Dr Giovanni Pascarella and the team of oenologists are guiding and following the donors on this path.

Charmat Method

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