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Vines Nebbiolo ( %)

Color: Ruby red color with garnet hues.
Smell: The nose is rich and intense with notes of violet, rose and small red fruits, with a slightly balsamic finish.
Taste: In the mouth the texture is thick and silky, the harmonic structure wraps the palate with soft and persuasive tannins, making itself remembered for a long time by the taste buds.
Food pairing: Perfect for gravy dishes, red meats, game, cured meats and aged cheeses, mushroom and truffle dishes.

Vineyard: Grapes from different vineyards mainly from the municipality of Novello.
Exposure: South, South-East, South-West.
Plant density: 4.800-5.000 plants/hectare.
Breeding system: Guyot.
Harvest period: First/second ten days of October.
Yeasts: Selected yeasts are not used.
Maceration: 15 days in thermo-controlled tanks.
Fermentation: 10-15 days of post-fermentation submerged cap maceration.
Aging: 24 months in large barrels.
Filtration: Filtration is not used.
Annual bottles: approximately 3,500.

Ca' Viola

The history of the Ca 'Viola farm begins in Montelupo Albese, in the Langa, the Langa of the 1980s: hills not yet famous on which a new wind begins to blow. Beppe Caviola rents the vineyard of dreams, called Barturot, and together with the trusted Maurizio, they vinify the grapes in the garage of the parents' house. Beppe Barturot immediately flanks another bet. In Montelupo he also manages a small plot of Barbera which decides to make wine according to the new guidelines that come from the Barolo area. Thus he resorts to barriques for the refinement of his new wine, which comes out as "Table Wine" as no specification of the time allows the use of these containers for aging. The wine immediately met with great success also thanks to the successful label designed by the late master Gianni Gallo The Doglianese artist is introduced to Beppe by Quinto Chionetti, patriarch of Dolcetto and other "good teacher" in the parable of Caviola. The town of Montelupo inspires the logo and name of the wine: the famous Bric du Luv was born, which in the years before would become Langhe Rosso, finally Barbera d'Alba, summing up on itself the evolution (or rather, the revolution) that is going on stage under the Langa sky. While new labels were born (Dolcetto Vilot, Barbera Brichet), Beppe felt the need to devote himself full time to the profession of winemaker. Having closed the relationship with the Center for Enology, he brings with him the trusted Maurizio, "the tractor man". To round off, Beppe thinks of making the most of the taster skills refined over the years and, once again encouraged by Altare and another dear friend, the well-known producer of Barbaresco Angelo Rocca, starts a consultancy activity for Barolist friends. It is 1996 and his friend Piero Cane offers him the rumpus room at home while waiting for Montelupo Beppe to find space for his laboratory. Things take an unexpected turn: the consultancy gives excellent results, the name of Beppe Caviola crosses the borders of the Albanian Langa and reaches the ears of the Moccagatta of Villa Sparina, in Gavi. It is the first company "outside" to call Beppe as a winemaker. Many more will follow. In 2002, the producer who wanted to make the wine of others to be able to produce his own, was named "Winemaker of the Year" by the most important Italian guide in the sector. A few months earlier, Beppe and his wife Simonetta had moved to Dogliani, where they had recently taken over a large nineteenth-century villa. The new labels were born later, and in 2002 the winery moved to Dogliani, but here the Caviola family invented a complex where production, consultancy and tourist reception (the Villa Bracco relais is becoming a reality) can coexist in harmony, united by the same philosophy of simplicity and excellence. In 2005 the most prestigious chapter begins: leading a Nebbiolo da Barolo vineyard. The Sottocastello di Novello cru is the chosen one, the brother-in-law Giancarlo is also involved in the challenge.

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