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Vines Negroamaro ( %)

Color: Ruby red with garnet reflections.
Smell: The nose is rich and intense with notes of small red fruits and ripe hens, floral and undergrowth notes, spicy hints. of tea and amber.
Taste: On the palate it is round and soft, fresh and with a dense tannic texture, full-bodied with the return of fruity and spicy aromas in persistence.
Food pairing: Ideal for red meat and game dishes, grilled meats, traditional first courses with savory sauces, cold cuts and aged cheeses.

Production areas: Guagnano, Salice Salentino and Campi Salentina (LE).
Breeding system: Spurred cordon.
Planting density: 4500/4700 plants per hectare.
Harvest: Second half of September.
Vinification: After destemming and crushing, the must remains in contact with the skins for a period of maceration of about 10 days and the fermentation temperature is maintained within 25-26 °C.
Aging: Once the malolactic fermentation is complete, the wine stays in not new barriques for about 6 months and in steel until the completion of the refinement period required by the production specification.


This wine is a story that begins with a glance, as a prologue to the early twentieth century. From that hourglass, suspended on a sepia-colored Italy, comes the fate of a family and a company that bears the name of Giovanni Battista Cantele. It was he who first met the gaze at the center of this story. It happened in Imola, in the middle of the war, when the radio listened secretly and broadcast American songs of which nobody understood the meaning, except the word love, the word dream. Giovanni had left Pramaggiore behind, where he was born, to reach the exact center of his life. A woman who would become his wife, the mother of her children - Augusto and Domenico - and who would inspire the wine that today bears her name: Teresa Manara. It was she who first looked at the terminus of Italy called the South, during one of her husband's many business trips, from Imola to Lecce, the time she decided to accompany him. When Teresa Manara saw Lecce for the first time she felt invaded by the same kind of silence that years before had kidnapped her husband. A sudden, irresistible fascination, to the point that he could not help but stay. Augusto, his teenage son, after studying at the Viticulture Research Center in Conegliano Veneto, one day in 1979 he founded Cantine Cantele together with his brother Domenico. It is the grandchildren of Teresa Manara and Giovanni Battista Cantele who continue to write this family story. Gianni, Paolo, Umberto and Luisa. A glance unites them, a liquid talent, a dream called wine.

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