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Vines Aglianico (50 %), Primitivo (50 %)

Color: Intense and dark ruby ​​red.
Smell: The nose is intense and very complex with fruity hints of ripe cherry and plum, spicy notes of coffee and vanilla.
Taste: Full-bodied, intense and well balanced on the palate, soft and with a dosed tannin. Good persistence.
Food pairing: Perfect for traditional Apulian dishes, first courses with meat sauces, stewed and roasted red meats, game, cold cuts and aged cheeses.

"President's  Wine", obtained from the historic vineyards in Alberello planted in 1968 and personally cared for by the President Angelo Maci.

Production area: Agro di Cellino San Marco, La Mea district.
Harvest: Manual in small boxes.
Vinification: Part of the grapes undergoes the drying process in the loft, where the ventilation is constant to avoid stagnation of humidity; the high concentration of the juice inside the berries thus gives more body and structure.
Aging: For 9 months in new barriques, and further refinement in glass before being placed on the market

Cantina Due Palme

Since 1989, the year of its foundation, Cantine Due Palme has as its main objective the vinification of quality products, obtained from the typical grapes of the area such as Negroamaro, Malvasia Nera, Primitivo and Susumaniello. All stages of production, from the cellar to aging to the bottling line, are guaranteed by meticulous quality controls. Among the few cooperatives in Italy to be able to boast the description on the back label of wines "entirely produced in the company"; a unique quality assurance and traceability of the supply chain, which allows you to follow the evolution of the raw material, from the bunch of grapes to the glass of wine. To unite to grow: to unite to strengthen the presence on the territory, to stimulate from the bottom a productive sharing centered on the quality of the grapes, to organize to generate a strong propensity on international markets; these are the cornerstones of our company, which have allowed, and allow, many small producers to express their potential to the fullest, respecting the three-thousand-year wine tradition of our territory. The company has always focused on preserving the Apulian sapling which allows us to obtain grapes of exceptional quality, with complex and full-bodied fruit. Cantine Due Palme is today a symbol of excellence of Apulian oenology, an important testimony of this territory, its history and its tradition.

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