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Vines Fiano ( %)

Color: Pale straw yellow.
Smell: Wide scent of fruit (pear, pineapple) and honey.
Taste: Fresh and lively, balanced, with notes of fresh fruit and a pleasant toasted hazelnut finish.
Food pairing: Appetizers, seafood salads, risotto, crustaceans, grilled fish, fresh cheeses, grilled vegetables.

Vineyards: Guyot cultivation.
Soil nature: Deep, dry clay with tuffaceous limestone.
Vinification: The grapes are harvested around the second ten days of September, in the coolest hours of the night. To one light maceration on the skins, to ensure perfect and integraestrazione of the aromatic fraction of the wine, follows, for about fifteen days, fermentation in steel at low temperatures (8-12 ° C). The wine then remains to refine on its own yeasts thus enriching the mineral notes and flavor.

Castello Monaci

The cellar, with its shapes and its geometric rigor, since the late '70s has kept the treasure of Castello Monaci. A barrel cellar of over 1000 barriques, dug out of the same white tufaceous rock of which the deepest layer of the soil of the vineyards surrounding the Castle is composed. The cellar is equipped with modern winemaking tools, including a refrigerated pressing system with small-capacity steel tanks, double-cell thermoconditioned, to be able to vinify limited quantities of grapes separately, highlighting the peculiarities of each. Since 2000, the winemaker of the winery is Leonardo Sergio. With his experience and sensitivity he captures and selects the best that the sun and wind give us, and interprets it in its most authentic form.

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