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Vines Lambrusco ( %)
Bubbles , Rosè

Color: Bright pale pink with fine perlage

Smell: Rich and broad, hints of citrus, small red fruits, dried and candied fruit.

Taste: Fruity, tasty, fresh, mineral and harmonious

Food matches: Excellent as an aperitif, it goes well with rich appetizers based on salami and cheeses. Try it with a fish tempura.

A world, a culture, a passion in pink that speaks to us of the evolution of a wine and a grape variety made in Modena. If in Cavicchioli there is the history of all Lambrusco, in Rosé del Cristo the other side of Lambrusco is revealed, the sparkling wine and the search for perfection.


The history of Cavicchioli Cellars begins in the last century, in 1928, when Umberto Cavicchioli decided to produce wine. Since then, from father to son, from generation to generation, experience and passion have been handed down over the years until the Cavicchioli brand has become a firm and well-known point in the world of Modenese Lambrusco. Today, as then, Cavicchioli production takes place in the original offices of Sorbara in San Prospero, offering wines capable of satisfying the most demanding palates with the authenticity and authentic flavor of the best Emilian tradition.

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