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Vines Nebbiolo ( %)
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The idea of combining different sensations to have the right balance is at the basis of the original Barolo concept; the most classic producers have always avoided placing the single expression of the vines in search of the right size in the glass. This is how in our classic Barolo, the two souls of the denomination coexist: the gentlest one, typical of the area marked by the Tortonian land of La Morra and Barolo, of which the Brunate are an example, and the more austere and masculine one of the slope made typical by lands of the Elvezian era, such as those at the base of Gabutti di Serralunga.

A stylistic choice, that of wanting to synthesize the taste of the denomination itself, which gives us a rich and virile wine, capable of showing itself in its youth and challenging evolution with the right momentum.


In search of cru, a brilliant intuition Selecting the vineyards in the historically most valid positions was the goal of the two brothers Bruno and Marcello Ceretto. This idea, derived from a trip to Burgundy, would have given reason to the family and made Barolo and Barbaresco wines among the most appreciated in the world. A revolution, at the time, for a territory where the concept of cru was totally unknown, but above all, a brilliant intuition. A real struggle, theirs, undertaken with his father Riccardo, who bought the grapes and then vinified them. "Start a difficult path, the land has never created wealth for anyone" claimed Riccardo, but the stubborn Bruno and Marcello had no doubts "we are one hundred per cent for the land, the cellar certainly has little importance, however great wines do they do with grapes ". So they begin to dream of labels bearing the name of the vineyard and on which his photograph also appears: "so whoever drinks that wine has before his eyes the vineyard from which it comes. The vineyard is history, the names of the hills remain over time, not they change and this reinforces the quality and credibility of the wines produced here. You can always search, visit, touch, a vineyard ". In 1986 The Wine Spectator, perhaps the most influential American magazine in the world of wine, put the two Langhe brothers on the cover calling them Barolo Brothers. Bruno and Marcello are less than 50 years old, but they are not overwhelmed by what is an official consecration, to which all aspire but few manage to obtain. Today they have remained true to themselves, they have not stopped dreaming and fighting for a right goal. Meanwhile, the Langa has grown with them and with those who, like them, put the name of the land that gave birth to them and accompanied them throughout their lives.

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