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Vines Chenin Blanc ( %)

Color: Intense straw yellow with golden reflections.
Smell: The nose is fresh, rich and fruity with notes of citrus and ripe tropical fruit and mineral hints in the background.
Taste: The palate is intense and elegant, round and full-bodied, concentrated on the fruit and on the pleasant balance of acidity and flavor in persistence.
Food pairing: Perfect for dishes based on crustaceans, fish and seafood, but also for cheeses or delicate white meats.

Production area: The vineyards are located right above the Champalou winery in the municipality of Vouvray.
Soil: Clayey.
Vinification: The must ferments and rests on the lees in 450 liter barrels for 18 months.


The Domaine Champalou family business is located in the Vouvray appellation, in the heart of the Loire valley. Here the main vine of the Loire, Chenin, locally called "Pineau de Loire" is grown. The complexity of Chenin expresses itself wonderfully on the clay soils located on the right bank of the river. Depending on the land and winemaking, this eclectic grape allows you to obtain sparkling or dry white wines, demi-sec or when the season permits thanks to the good weather, even fortified wines, with drying in the vineyard of the grapes attacked by noble molds. White wines from Vouvray, dry and otherwise, have aging potentials of 10, 20 years and more. The Champalou family cultivates 21 hectares of Chenin, mainly in the municipality of Vouvray but also in the neighboring countries of Rochecorbon and Vernou. The Champalou company is part of the "Terra Vitis" association and has received the "Agricole Raisonnée" certification since 2005. The methods and rules of behavior follow first of all the peasant traditions of the past, starting from the choice of associating the biological rhythm of the vineyard with that of the moon. The outcome of some operations is improved by their good positioning in the lunar calendar, whether it is normal processing, the harvest or the bottling of wines. In the countryside only what nature offers is used, for example during the year talc and lime powder are applied to the vines, natural elements thanks to which the negative influence of humidity is minimized. Any treatments, if necessary, are carried out with natural and biodegradable compounds in the soil. Champalou is a family of true "vigneron", for 12 generations in the female line and 6 in the male line; it is therefore the peasant blood that flows in the veins of these producers.

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