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Vines Chardonnay ( %)

Color: onality of yellow gold

Smell: Intoxicating scents of summer flowers and fruit fill the nose.

Taste: Its character has oyster and shell features.

Food matches: it goes perfectly with fish with white meats, but also with sushi and seafood.

Wine location: Our Chablis vines are grown in the villages of Chablis, Fleys, Beru and Chichée
Surface: 16 hectares
Production: 60 hectoliters per hectare
Sole: clay: underlying kimmeridgian
Vine density: 8,300 vinestocks per hectare
Average age of the vines: around 35 years Fermentation
Fermentation period: about 25 days Yeast: natural
Molactic fermentation: 100%
Bacteria: Natural
Containers: stainless steel vats (from 25 to 100 hectoliters)
Maturation Lees: Yes
Maturation period: 10 to 12 months End / Filtration End: Clay Filtration: Tangential cooling: Yes

Charly Nicolle Domaine

Domaine Charly Nicolle is located in the small village of Fleys, located a few kilometers away from the village of Chablis, on the banks of the Serein river. Since 2004, the company bears the name of the current owner and winemaker, Charly Nicolle, who represents the seventh generation of winemakers and negociants. Today the Domaine Charly Nicolle has 26 hectares of vineyards planted in Chardonnay which are located on land characterized by a clay-limestone structure typical of the Serein river valley. The work in the countryside is aimed at preserving the healthiness of the viticultural heritage, handed down from generation to generation, so much so that the Domaine Charly Nicolle works to preserve biodiversity by relying on the dictates of organic and biodynamic viticulture. The average age of the vines ranges from 20 years of age to the oldest which date back to plants dated about 65 years ago. " Even in the cellar, Charly Nicolle continues the family tradition learned from her father Robert, however giving a more modern connotation to her Chardonnays aimed at finding greater freshness and minerality.

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