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Vines Minutolo ( %)
Philosophy Bio Wein

Color: Crystalline, straw yellow with greenish reflections that allow glimpses of golden nuances that evolve over time.
Smell: Intense and complex. The nose has fruity notes of exotic fruit: mango, lychee and passion fruit, but also yellow peach, apricot and a very delicate pink grapefruit; the range of floral notes is wide, with the Mediterranean scrub in evidence. Thyme, rosemary and wild flowers win over everyone. Especially in the most advanced product, there are overflowing mineral and almost ethereal notes.
Taste: In the mouth it is dry, warm and soft. A great freshness sustains a surprising minerality. Its flavor contributes to redesigning the map of Apulian white wines. A full-bodied wine, balanced, intense and very persistent.
Food pairing: Given the characteristics of the wine, tufjano goes well with dishes with a good sweet tendency and fatness, perhaps with important spiciness, great persistence of the olfactory taste and good sapidity. Just think of the pasta stuffed with buffalo mozzarella and cod ', a timbale of Apulian cardoncelli or lightly gratin oysters. The combination with the amberjack carpaccio with citrus fruits is fantastic

Altitude: 500 m a.s.l.
Breeding system: Guyot.
Plant density: 6000 plants per hectare

Fertilization: Grassing and green manure of different plants. Antiparasitic treatments with copper and sulfur.
Vinification: The grapes are harvested by hand and pressed directly, avoiding crushing. This is followed by static cold settling and fermentation at 16 °C for about two weeks.
Aging: With frequent batonnage until the following spring.

Colli della Murgia

Wine is the fruit of the link with the land and with the origins of those who produce it Colli della Murgia is not a story that is lost in time: it all begins in the early 90s. Since then sacrifice, work, love for the land have merged to create a story of great success. The company is located within a sort of natural reserve, the Bosco di Difesa Grande, in the territory of Gravina in Puglia, not far from the border with Basilicata, on a plateau at about 450 meters. above sea level. The calcareous soil and the important temperature variations characterize our wines in a decisive way and accompany them until they themselves fill the glasses of admirers from all over the world. A great wine needs a dignified home: the current structure is made entirely of tuff and mazzaro, local stones that make the rooms constantly fresh and free from humidity.

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