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Vines Chardonnay (65 %), Pinot Nero (35 %)
Bubbles , Rosè

Color: Salmon pink, fine and persistent perlage.
Smell: The nose is elegant and complex, with notes of berries, fresh rose petals, nuances of apple and tropical fruit.
Taste: In the mouth it is structured, clear and lively, sapid and sensorially rhythmic. The finish is long and well balanced.
Food pairing: Perfect for fish and shellfish dishes, risotto, raw seafood and sushi, cold cuts and savory pies.

Production areas: Particularly exposed and ventilated position, pebbly, moderately calcareous soil, well draining.
Breeding system: Guyot.
Plant density: 5000 plants/ha.
Yield: 95 quintals/ha.
Wine yield: 60% equal to 57 hl/ha.
Average age of vines: 18 years.
Harvest period: late August, early September.
Vinification: Soft pressing after about 3-4 hours cold maceration (17/18 °C), static cold settling, inoculation with selected yeasts. 20 days fermentation in stainless steel, malolactic fermentation partially carried out.
First refinement: 7 months, partly in steel and partly in barrique.
Stabilization: Cold static.
Bottling (tirage): May.
Aging on the lees: From 24 to 30 months.
Disgorgement: From July.
Post-disgorgement aging: 3 - 4 months.
Dosage: 5 g/l.

Contadi Castaldi

The Contadi Cstaldi company was born from a deep bond with the territory historically suited to the viticulture of Franciacorta. The "Contadi" were, in medieval times, the counties of Franciacorta, small territorial units renamed for an excellent agricultural production. The "Castaldi" were the lords of the counties to whom the government of the lands was entrusted. The Contadi Castaldi logo is the stylization of a detail of the Franciacorta production phase: the aging in the stack. If you look at the bottles at rest inside the tunnels, the round symbol is the visual representation of the particular bottom of the bottles destined for Franciacorta, while the second sign reproduces the shape of the void that is created in the spaces of the stacks. A combination that, referring to the double name of the winery, focuses on the value of the natural and slow development of CO2 to achieve, through a fine and persistent perlage, the deepest and broadest nuances of taste. One of the numerous quarries in the area gave birth to the Biasca furnace, the ancient building that now houses the Contadi Castaldi winery. In the second half of the twentieth century, the furnace stopped its activity and Vittorio Moretti took it over for a main reason, linked to the childhood memories of his wife Mariella who spent the after-school afternoons in this factory, which belonged to his godmother. When, in the 80s, Franciacorta is at its peak, Vittorio and Mariella Moretti decide together to convert the furnace into a cellar. Its large volumes and long brick cooking galleries have proved to be perfect for refining Franciacorta wines and for welcoming wine lovers. Thus, the ancient workplace has changed its functionality by turning to the land and the vineyard, but has not betrayed its origins while keeping the sobriety and serene style of the Lombard farms intact. A skilful renovation, which respected the style of the original designs, transformed the ancient Fornace Biasca into the cellar it is today. Spread over a total of 7,000 square meters, the recovery plan involved a conservative restoration of the central body of the furnace with the use of the ground floor for winemaking and aging, the first floor for the warehouse of the finished product and the second floor for rooms intended for parties and events, with over 300 seats. The winery currently cultivates 18 hectares of vineyards. All the company's labels express character, typicality and innovation, always in constant search for results of excellent quality.

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