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Vines Nebbiolo (100 %)

Color: deep garnet red

Smell: intense and compact, with hints of violets and dried flowers

Taste: energetic and robust, very persistent.

Food matches: roasted and stewed meats, game. aged cheeses, dark chocolate.

Maturation: fermentation in steel, aging in oak barrels.


The Barolo Bussia "Cicala" has a classic interpretation. It was born in the Cicala del cru Bussia vineyard, produced with a long maceration on the skins, followed by a long aging in cask. In this way a structured Barolo is obtained, animated by aromas of spices, potpourri and berries. This combination of elements reveals a consistent wine, characterized by compactness and intensity.

Conterno Aldo

Aldo Conterno's ancestors emigrated to Argentina in the nineteenth century and after a few years, due to family vicissitudes, they returned to Italy. It was then that Giovanni Conterno returned with his family to Monforte d'Alba in the small winery of his father Giuseppe, assisting him in the production of local wine. With his return, the Conterno winery increased the production of wine which was sold in barrels not only in Italy but also in the distant Americas thanks to a relative who still resided in Argentina. The Conterno family thus felt the need to create, thanks to market demand, a great Barolo to be produced only in the best vintages, with long fermentations capable of holding up over the years. In 1920 the Barolo Riserva was then bottled. At the end of the 1930s, Giovanni ceded the reins of the company to his son Giacomo who, continuing his father's tradition with great seriousness and foresight, personally visited the customers and, thanks to the prestige that Barolo was taking on, affirmed his brand in many areas of Italy. It is in these years that his sons Giovanni and Aldo began to support him and to follow him in the conduct of the business. In 1950 Aldo decided to leave for America with the dream of creating a winery with the help of his uncle who already lived in California. The period spent in the United States was for him a constructive and unforgettable experience which, however, following the occurrence of some situations, he had to abandon, thus deciding to return to Italy to his father's company. When in 1961 Giacomo passes the company to his children, the winery is now a prestigious reality recognized in most of the national territory. In the heart of Aldo, however, the five years spent on American soil left the desire to set up his own company alive. So it was that, after a long period of work alongside his brother, Aldo decided to carry on that dream interrupted in America by purchasing the "FAVOT" estate and founding the "PODERI ALDO CONTERNO" in 1969. Today the company is run by Aldo's three sons: Franco, Stefano and Giacomo who, following in the footsteps of their father, carry on the family tradition.

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