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Vines Glera ( %)

Color: Lively froth, subtle and tight perlage, light straw-colored color

Smell: The nose reveals a well-pronounced perfume of candied fruit and sweet flowers.

Taste: The taste is clean, very gentle, with a natural sugary residue and a clear aromatic background

Pairing: Ideal as an aperitif glass, it goes well with any dish and thanks to its gentle taste it is also excellent with dessert.

The Vineyards: Selected in the best hilly areas of the Marca Trevigiana, sunny and protected from the winds of the Venetian Prealps.

Vinification: Prosecco Conti d'Arco is obtained with a totally natural processing method, starting from the must of the most suitable grapes for sparkling wine, coming from the best and carefully selected areas.

Conti d'Arco

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