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Philosophy Bio Wein

Belonging to the Rutaceae family and to the Citrus genus, in ancient Europe the grapefruit was used only as an ornamental plant, also becoming popular as a fruit starting from the 19th century. Grapefruit is a refreshing and thirst-quenching citrus fruit.

It is characterized by the richness of organic acids (citric and malic), Vitamin C and P, as well as mineral salts, potassium and iron.

It has a lower caloric value than orange. It is ideal in slimming diets because it determines a lower assimilation of foods.

Apple naturally contains pectin, a substance that manages to keep blood sugar under control.

It lowers the dangerous cholesterol (LDL) and increases the production of the good one (HDL) in a relatively short time.
It prevents heart disease, including heart attack, thanks to the rich presence of flavonoids which have excellent antioxidant properties.


Cortese: a noun that reveals a precise way of being. Elegance, naturalness and style are the three keywords of this line born from passion, experience and long research. A proposal of different and decisive soft drinks, dedicated to professional mixologists and created with their precious help, designed to create unique combinations and give a touch of personality to cocktails. A line of drinks that pays homage to Italian style: ideal to mix, they are distinguished by the refinement of a modern drink, which draws inspiration from ancient values. Original 1959 is the real organic alternative marked Cortese for those who love sparkling drinks. Made with natural ingredients chosen from the best excellences, such as chinotto, blood oranges and Italian lemons. A complete line of drinks in perfect Italian style, for demanding palates and for those who want to stand out with refinement and desire healthy drinking.

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