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Vines Merlot ( %)

Color: intense ruby with garnet reflections

Bouquet: complex bouquet, where ripe red fruit, blueberry jam, raspberry play together. Vegetable shades

Taste: nervous, fleshy and mineral, evolved tannin and a long gustatory persistence.

Food matches: Roasted and grilled meats, game and tasty cheeses.

Soil: Red earth and limestone
Vineyard extension: 0.5 ha. Worked organically.
Plant type: Guyot
Average density of plants per hectare: 7000
Average age of the vineyard: 20 years
Average production per hectare: 32.0 hl
Harvest: Manual

Vinification: complete destemming, spontaneous alcoholic fermentation and maceration for 14 days in open wooden vats.
Malolactic fermentation and aging in 15 hl oak barrels for 7 years on the fine lees and 30 months in the bottle. No
clarification and filtration.

Total sulfur dioxide (SO2): 14.0 mg / l

Bottles produced: ca. 3000


The Čotar family business with vineyards, cellar and house is located in the western part of the Karst region, near the village of Gorjansko, only 5 km from the sea. Although the family has always had a winemaking tradition, today's winery has sprung up out of nowhere. Well 40 years ago, precisely in 1974, we built the first part of the cellar, dug out of the rock and for our tavern we made the first wine, Teran and a white wine called Kraško belo. In 1990, we bottled the first wines for sale, the 1988 vintage. A year earlier, we built the second part of the cellar and finished the rest of it in 2002. Vines We are an ecological company and we cultivate our vineyards respecting nature. The vineyards: Pečina, Olarija, Dražna, Dusce, Polje, Kot, Ivanji grad stretch over 7.5 hectares. Planting a vineyard with us means cleaning the soil of bushes and trees, moving the hard and rocky soil and adding soil bringing it back from the sinkholes. Variety Refosco, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, Istrian malvasia, sauvignon, vitovska.     50% red variety, 50% white     6000 plants per hectare     Training system: simple Guyot     Low yield (from 3500 to 4000 kg / hectare)     Harvest in late autumn - when the grapes reach phenolic maturity

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