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A tasty and precious fruit, a concentrate of goodness enclosed in a wrinkled shell: it is the almond.

Di Stefano cream is an innovative product without preservatives, made from the best almonds: ready to spread on crepes, rusks and bread, but also very good to be enjoyed simply by spoonfuls.

Its sweetness also makes it ideal in the kitchen: a perfect ingredient for the preparation of fragrant and soft desserts. One last suggestion: try it in bitter coffee.

Di Stefano Dolciaria

The company's history began in 1986 when Paolo Di Stefano started - together with his sons Enzo, Benvenuto and Settimio - a small family-run artisan pastry shop. In Raffadali (near Agrigento), which in Arabic means "excellent village", Di Stefano still prepares unique products - panettone, creams, doves and jams - referring to the recipes of the oldest Italian and Sicilian confectionery tradition, adding only genuine ingredients. and carefully selected. What is the success and appreciation of customers due to? To the rigorous care, and with their own hands, of each stage of preparation: from mixing the ingredients to packaging. To the NO (no emulsifiers; no preservatives; no to everything superfluous in the recipe) which have become the YES of the market and of those who choose Di Stefano products. The constant research in the food sector and the innovative spirit, which have allowed us to expand the offer, even going against clichés. For example, the one according to which the artisan panettone is produced only in Milan. Born and raised in Raffadali, a small Sicilian town located in a hilly area between the Platani and Salso rivers. The typically Mediterranean climate makes the area particularly suitable for the cultivation of plants such as citrus, apricot, pear and pistachio. For the realization of the products, unique and inimitable, the best raw materials from the territory are selected. These are the real riches at the base of our confectionery and confectionery production.

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