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Gin Traditionnel is the result of a careful and meticulous selection of natural plants such as juniper, coriander, iris root, angelica root, Guinean pepper, lemon zest, aromatic calamus.
After maceration and double distillation in traditional copper stills and cold filtration, Miclo's Gin Traditionnel presents itself with an elegant and decisive profile, accompanied by citrus and spicy notes.
It is an unsweetened Gin. To drink straight with ice, or served very cold with tonic water or in the composition of cocktails.

Distillerie Miclo

The Miclo Distillery, founded in 1962, is located at the foot of the Vosges mountains, in one of the most beautiful areas of Alsace, a few kilometers from Colmar and just past the splendid village of Kaysersberg. The widespread presence of fruit trees in Alsace has created the conditions for the art of distillation and the production of real specialties to develop since ancient times, which have long been renowned in France and worldwide. The spirits and liqueurs of the Miclo distillery are produced with selected fruit, thanks to a combination of ancient traditions and modern techniques, paying particular attention to the aromatic intensity of the products. Most of the fruit used is wild, harvested in the region, although with exceptions for improvement, including for example Williams pears, selected in the sunniest Rhone valley, in particular in the department of Drôme. All the fruit before processing must obviously be healthy, well ripe and with the highest sugar content possible. In general, the fruit is gently pressed, in order to avoid the release of substances that would produce bitter sensations in the final product. Fermentation (or maceration, depending on the fruit) will transform sugars into alcohol. Later, thanks to the skill and experience of the distiller, traditional distillation will allow to obtain and preserve only the best part of the second distillation, the so-called "coeur de chauffe". The "heart" of the distillate requires a resting / aging phase, which lasts for a period of 4 years for the "large reserves". This phase takes place in steel containers, where the purity of the aromas is preserved, except for the "Vieille Prune, which after 12 months in steel refines in wooden barrels, where the brandy softens and acquires a beautiful amber color. Before bottling, pure water from the Vosges valleys is added (with a process called "mouillage"), which will reduce the high natural strength to 40 ° / 45 ° or to the most suitable degree for marketing. The production of the "liqueur" and the "crème" does not, on the other hand, provide for the direct use of the alembic, but is carried out with the measured union of the juice of the various fruits, brandy, spring water and sugar, the presence of which gives intensity to the aromas of the fruit of origin.

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