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Vines Chenin Blanc ( %)
Philosophy Biodynamic Wines

Color: Deep golden yellow.
Smell: The nose is intense and complex, with notes of yellow and exotic fruit pulp, white flowers and minerality that expresses full ticipity.
Taste: In the mouth it is full, intense and powerful, balanced, fresh and sapid, elegant. It closes persistently with fruit and mineral aromas.
Food pairing: Perfect for fish, seafood and important shellfish dishes, caviar, sushi and tartare.

Production area: Clos du Bourg vineyard, Tours.
Surface: 6 hectares.
Average age of the vines: 30 years.
Soil: Clayey, pebbly and calcareous.
Breeding system: Gobelet.
Plant density per hectare: 6600.
Average production per ha: 14 hl.
Vinification: Spontaneous fermentation in demi-muids (600 l) with temperature control.
Maturation: In steel containers after several decanting and gentle filtration.
Total sulfur dioxide: 104 mg/l.
Residual sugars: 5 g/l.
Bottles produced: 11,000.

Domaine Huet

The Domaine Huet, founded in 1928 by Victor Huet and his son Gaston, now has thirty hectares of Chenin Blanc planted on three lands: Haut-Lieu, Mont and Clos du Bourg. The estate was one of the precursors of biodynamic culture in the French vineyard. This cultivation method that respects the soil, the plant and the environment, allows us to develop the character of our wines and maintain the authenticity of the terroirs. Recognized for their natural acidity and their captivating aromatic palette, Chenin wines evolve slowly, acquiring finesse. It is here that the Domaine Huet vintners have patiently tried to discover Chenin, helping the vine find its balance in its natural environment and the energies that surround it. Biodynamic agriculture, practiced for more than twenty five years, helps to reveal the very essence of the terroirs in each of our vintages. Therefore, the flexibility of the brown clays of Haut-Lieu, the chiseled flint of Mont and the roundness of the limestone of Clos du Bourg give Chenin an incomparable elegance. Today, with the same spirit, vigilance and reactivity are essential to harvest healthy and ripe grapes. This allows you to search as much as possible for the "Noble Rot" which gives the beans maximum maturity and quality. The meeting of the estate with biodynamics in 1988 was a real revelation; both for our land, the immediate environment of our plots and the men who work every day on the farm .. As for the man who puts himself at the service of the vineyard and his terroir, he seems more satisfied and involved in the desire to favor the living world that surrounds him, encouraged to transmit to future generations a heritage full of life and history. Vinification is carried out in accordance with the best traditions. Each cru is vinified separately. The whole bunches are poured into the presses without being crushed. The pressure is done gently. In the cellars, after being deposited for 24 hours, the grape juice is sown in two parts, one in vats and the other in old barrels. The duration of this fermentation varies according to the richness of the must and the activity of the indigenous yeasts present in the cellars. Each vintage is kept for six months until bottling in April. Two thousand years of the history of architecture and vine culture have shaped the landscape. The tuff rock, which forms the subsoil of the vouvrillon, supports the vine that draws the water it needs for its life. The precious bottles are kept in long galleries that wind under the tuff, remains of the stone quarries used to build Touraine. The wines mature protected from light and vibrations, at a constant temperature of about 13°C.

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