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Vines Chardonnay ( %)

Color: Pale golden yellow.
Smell: The nose is elegant and rich with fruity notes of apple and pear, accompanied by intensely mineral aromas.
Taste: On the palate it is full-bodied, fresh and balanced, round, with a persistent mineral aftertaste.
Food pairing: Perfect for fish and shellfish dishes, white meats, dishes with mushrooms and aged cheeses.

Production area: The Rabourcè vineyard is located above "Les Cloux", in the denomination of Rully
Soil: Mainly composed of white clays. Exposure favors the earlier ripening process.
Vinification: The wine is fermented and aged in barrels for 12 months in the ancient cellar. Subsequently it is bottled after a light filtration.

Domaine Jaeger-Defaix

Located in the south of the Côte de Beaune, the vineyards of Rully extend over 330 ha (220 white, 110 red) of which only 100 ha are classified as 1er cru. In October 2002, Hélène Jaeger Defaix, wife of Didier Defaix (Domaine Bernard Defaix) - Chablis, inherited his first vineyard in Rully 1er Cru Mont Palais from his aunt Henriette Niepce. This parcel is part of a property located in Rully 1er Cru that Hélène wished to carry on to continue the tradition of the Niepce family, winemakers since the 16th century. Henri Niepce, Hélène's great-grandfather, was one of the best-known characters in the Rully area. In the 1930s he contributed to obtain the AOC Rully (appellation d'origine contrôlée) and subsequently to build the fame of his company. In November 2003, Hélène inherited a second parcel located in the Rully 1er Cru Préaux. From this parcel the first harvest was produced in 2004. From the beginning of 2005 the control of the whole property began, in total 4.50 located only in the most prestigious 1er crus of Rully: - 1st cru Mont-Palais, 1st cru Les Cloux, 1st cru Rabourcé for whites; - 1st cru Préaux and 1st cru Clos du Chapitre for the reds. The Clos du Chapitre is precisely a "clos", completely surrounded by a stone wall. Rully's property is followed in the same spirit as that in Chablis, which means respect for nature and a search for the true expression of the terroir.

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