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Vines Chardonnay ( %)

Color: Intense straw yellow with green-gold reflections.
Smell: The nose is elegant and fresco with a fruity note of exotic fruits and yellow fruits, light toasted note.
Taste: On the palate it is fresco, saline and dark, balanced and long persistence with fruity tones of candied lemon at the end.
Food pairing: Perfect with fish and shellfish dishes, poultry and white meats, cheeses.

Downstream of the Serein, the river that flows through the Chablis vineyards, the Fourchaume terroir has a richer soil than the rest of the vineyard, a cause of the alluvial soils that are washed by the river. This makes the wines more flattering, pleasant and elastic that still maintain the mineral quality of Chablis.

Domaine Jean-Marc Brocard

The first parcel of Jean-Marc Brocard was born of a man, Louis Petit, a winemaker who taught him the vine, the wine and the men. Jean-Marc Brocard still cultivates his science and wisdom: "Look, shut up and learn". The long years of learning, take the same paths as the old winemaker, put their hands on the same branches, looking at the same moon, Jean-Marc Brocard has maintained patience and respect, the lessons of soil and subsoil, vines and life. Louis Petit told him how to make the terroir speak. From the root to the vine, from the vine to the bunch, from the bunch to the must, and from the must to the wine, the slow path of aromas has begun. Man to man, she told him secrets and knowledge that cannot be explained but which they share in the early morning light or in the cool shade of a cellar. With Louis Petit, wit was grafted onto young people to make the idea of ​​perpetuity, of transmission, sensible. Born in 1946 in Chaudenay-le-Château in Côte d'Or by a family of farmers, Jean-Marc Brocard follows the advice of his father and quickly from agriculture whose future is not enough bearer in the late 60s. He chose an HND in engineering and became an engineer at Auxerre. In 1973, when Julien was born, Jean-Marc planted his first vines in Préhy, where he built his winery a few years later, which became the domaine Jean-Marc Brocard located in the center of the Chablis vineyards. Since 1997, he is passionate about biodynamic and traditional methods which he implements on a land of Chablis: La Boissonneuse. Today, the domaine is among the most important players in Burgundy for growing vineyards in organic agriculture. As the company's CEO, Julien continues to develop the area as a corporate culture pulsates. From the beginning, Jean-Marc Brocard has been committed to a healthier culture that respects its environment. In 1997, an 11 hectare plot of Chablis is conducted in organic and biodynamic. This first step allows us to observe strength and reflection, to better understand this working philosophy. Learning every day for the domaine and its teams. Today 60 hectares are certified organic and biodynamic agriculture 40 hectares.

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