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Vines Cinsault (26 %), (22 %), (52 %)

Color: Pale pink
Smell: Floral and delicately fruity on the nose, citrus and licorice note.
Taste: On the palate it is elegant, fresh and savory, balanced, with fruity returns. Silky and persistent.
Food pairings: Perfect on important fish and shellfish dishes.

Located in Castellet, the small parcels are organized in terraces to give the Mourvèdre a wide breath.

Vintage 2018: It will be remembered for various problems: frost, hail, heavy rains, summer storms and no windy days, recovered from continuous supervision.
The grapes are less sugary than in previous years, but still with a good balance and the harvest is growing.
The vinifications give life to a vintage with a delicate and fruity character, with an excellent balance.
Surface: 70 hectares.
Soil: Poor, composed of limestone, sandstone and marl from the upper cretaceous marine. The acidity of the soil and the low rainfall are compensated by the marine air of the Gulf of Bandol.

Domaines Ott

In 1896, after a tour of France’s many vineyards, Marcel Ott, a young graduate in agronomy engineering from Alsace, finally found an estate that inspired him. To set the scene, we are in Provence. The Mediterranean is lapping at the shore a mere stone’s throw away... In these parts, growing vines is the legacy of ancient times. Alas, a short while before Marcel Ott’s discovery, phylloxera had wreaked havoc on the vines. The land was cheaper, but the vineyards would have to be replanted. The wine had lost a great deal of its soul in the vineyard’s reconstruction. Marcel Ott bought several estates and began renovating them with the determined ambition to create great Provencal wines from noble grape varieties. Today, 120 years later, cousins Christian and Jean-François Ott dedicate their life to their ancestor’s love for the site. In 2004, Domaines Ott joined Louis Roederer and its fabulous selection of wine craftsmen. Christian and Jean-François run three estates: Château de Selle, Clos Mireille and Château Romassan. Each of these properties has its own individual charm and personality. Each can be proud of their extremely elegant rosé, red and white wines. In their cellars reigns one sovereign wine: the famous “Cœur de Grain”. Cœur de Grain represents wine-making genius, and its bottle could be considered a veritable master-stroke.. What proud and skilled vintner has never dreamed of providing their wine with the sanctum of an exclusive, unique and instantly recognisable bottle? In 1930, René Ott did exactly that. He, who never stopped loving Provence, its hills and shorelines punctuated by Cypresses and uninterrupted rows of vines, created a bottle with slender curves inspired by the grace of the landscape. Today, it is still the signature of Domaines Ott and it evokes the memory of an elegant amphora that kept the wine cool many centuries ago.

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