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Vines Fiano ( %)

Color: Intense straw yellow with greenish reflections
Smell: Delicate bouquet, hints of hazelnut, dried fruit and floral aromas such as hawthorn, with notes of tropical fruit.
Taste: Fresh and sapid, velvety, it closes with balance and great pleasure.
Food pairing: Perfect for fish and shellfish dishes, but also for cold cuts, white meats and delicate fresh cheeses.

Soil characteristics: Clayey, calcareous.
Plant system: Guyot.
Harvest period: Second ten days of October.
Production: 60q / ha.


In the province of Avellino, a stone's throw from Montefalcione, a powerful town already under the Etruscans and having a sickle (symbol of peasant work) in the municipal coat of arms, there is the Donnachiara winery "suitable" - by tradition, territory and precise choice of the the Petitto family that owns it - to the production of the three Irpinia Docg: Fiano di Avellino, Taurasi and Greco di Tufo, as well as the traditional Aglianico and Falanghina. A company that saw its modern winery rise in 2005 but with vineyards that boast ancient ownership and almost all female management, up to the current one of Ilaria Petitto, law studies, put in the drawer to devote themselves to the development of grapes and local wines. Ilaria is supported by her mother Chiara, nephew of Donna Chiara Mazzarelli Petitto, to whom the company was dedicated. Chiara Mazzarelli was born in 1883 from a noble family originally from Maiori on the Amalfi Coast. Daughter, he married the noble surgeon Antonio Petitto of Avellino. The Petitto family had been awarded the noble title of Marchesi directly by the King of Naples in the late 700s. The family's possessions ranged from Montefusco, Montemiletto, Venticano and Torre le Nocelle, all towns in the province of Avellino. Donnachiara is a family business that counts on the values ​​that only a family can express. Five generations of experience in quality wine means a wealth of knowledge, care and an attachment to one's work which exceeds the economic return of any project. The passion for their work, the love for the product, also infects the collaborators and therefore there is a very strong sharing of values ​​within the company. What Donnachiara has understood is that this sharing of values ​​can be aimed at further improving the quality of its products: know-how, technology, innovation are things that today are increasingly available to all companies, to those who have an open mind, those who look around, but it is in the attention to detail that we can differentiate ourselves from competitors. The Petitto family's corporate philosophy is expressed, in the winery, as in the other companies of the Petitto Group, through the search for extreme quality. The project carried out by Ilaria Petitto, is substantiated in the attention to detail throughout the production process, from the choice of the grape variety to be planted in a certain land, to the management of the vineyard, at the exact moment of harvest. Another fundamental aspect of the Donnachiara winery's corporate philosophy is sensitivity towards environmental protection. The sensitivity towards culture towards landscape care is a very felt value and recognizing these values ​​today and making them an integral part of the company's strategic vision allows a privileged relationship with the conscious and attentive consumer. For about a decade, the company sensitive to the rational use of pesticide products, has adhered to the integrated control models based on the limited or zero use of some active ingredients, rather exploiting factors related to the environment and the cultivation techniques capable to reduce the development of parasites. Furthermore, in compliance with the provisions dictated by the production regulations for high quality wines, the company reduces the quantities produced in the vineyard, in order to obtain high quality standards. The energies to the cellar are supplied entirely by the sun, through photovoltaic panel systems, even the water is recycled, through the rainwater collection and phyto-purification system. The Montefalcione farm is the only one in Irpinia to be included in the list of stories of eco-sustainable companies.

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