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Vines Negroamaro ( %)
Bubbles , Rosè

Brut Rosé sparkling wine obtained from Negroamaro, the most appreciated black grape variety of Salento.

Delicate perlage for a fresh and emotional interpretation of our most suitable area. Produced with the Martinotti method, it is sparkling in the cellar in Scorrano, 30 kilometers from Lecce, in the far south of Puglia. Like all Guarini wines, it was born from the care and love for their land, respect for the environment and the consumer, thanks to a specific cultivation technique in the field and excellent work in the cellar.

We select perfectly healthy grapes with the right acidity, then we proceed for the preparation of the sparkling base at a short contact with the skins, followed by the pressing and the start of fermentation at controlled temperature. The second fermentation is made during the year, using the product of a single vintage and after 3 months of storage in the autoclaves, PICCOLEBOLLE Rosato is born. It is liked for its soft pink color, the subtle perlage, its clear and aromatic scents and for the fresh, pleasantly persistent taste. Very versatile, it can be a whole meal wine, perfect at various times of the day, from aperitifs to desserts. At the table it is recommended to serve it at a temperature between 4 and 6 degrees.

Duca Carlo Guarini

Nine hundred years of history and many famous people. 700 hectares of property, between estates and farms. 70 hectares of vineyards and 260 of ancient olive groves The wines, Negroamaro, Primitivo, Malvasia Nera, extra virgin olive oils, Cellina, Ogliarola, sauces, preserves, cheeses are the result of labor and millennial attachment to the territory. Here, if you wish, the virtual journey to discover the places of wine and oil of an ancient and noble family who settled in Salento around 1040 from Normandy. The tradition: Primitivo Vigne Vecchie since 1985, Sauvignon Murà since 1998, Negroamaro Pìutri since 1997 are the company's historic wines. Organic: the Negroamaro Rosso Nativo and the Negroamaro Rosato Campo di Mare, today all the grapes of the company are certified organic. Innovation: Negroamaro in Bianco Taersia since 2013, a new and interesting expression of the historic red berry grape. The natural sweets: the raisin and amber passito. The reserves: the Primitivo Rosso Boemondo and the Primitivo Rosso 900 born in 2014 to celebrate the 900 years that the Guarini family cultivates the vineyard, the Count of Valesio Accardo Guarini is named as neighbor and owner of a vineyard, in the parchment preserved in the monastery of San Giovanni in Lecce.It was the foundation with donation of lands in favor of the aforementioned monastery by the Count of Lecce Accardo D'altavilla in 1133. Working with tradition acquired over the centuries, innovation and sensitivity to the environment and people is the essence of the mission of the Duca Carlo Guarini Company.

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