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Color: Straw yellow with golden reflections.
Smell: On the nose sensations of green apple and slight sulphurous and herbaceous notes typical of the grape.
Taste: When tasted it is fresh and savory, with a mineral finish.
Food pairing: Perfect with first courses and fish soups, fresh cheeses, eggs and savory pies.

Vinification: After a careful selection of the best bunches, a soft pressing of the whole grapes takes place. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at a constant temperature between 14-16 ° C, in order to enhance the characteristics of freshness of this wine. After fermentation, the wine ages on its own noble lees until January and is thus enriched with those protein components that give it crunchiness and flavor.

Fazi Battaglia

The Fazi Battaglia was born in 1949 from the union of the two families, Fazi and Battaglia, in a small cellar in the town of Cupramontana, but it will be the Angelini family and especially Francesco Angelini, founder of the pharmaceutical industry and former mayor of Ancona, few years later, to make this company a historical brand of Italian viticulture. He is also responsible for the unmistakable shape of the amphora bottle, inspired by ancient Etruscan containers, which was born thanks to a competition organized in 1953 and won by the architect Antonio Maiocchi. We were looking for a bottle with ancient references, but with a unique shape, which would make its Verdicchio, then little known, immediately identifiable. The result was the sinuous amphora (which in America they renamed "Sofia Loren"), a bottle which, like few other examples, was linked not only to the image of the cellar, but also to a vine and an entire territory. All this thanks to courage and intuitions that can be summarized in two fundamental and decidedly innovative choices for the time: investing heavily in the qualification of the vineyard, in an era during which Italian viticulture was largely far from a quality wine culture, and at the same time believe strongly in a single grape variety, Verdicchio. Two choices that anticipated the times and that made Fazi Battaglia a true flag in the enhancement of a productive territory like the Marche and one of the great Italian autochthonous vines. Today the Angelini family has returned to Fazi Battaglia not only to continue the qualitative and innovative path that began in the 1950s but also to take on the role of great interpreter of the authentic identity of Italian vines again. A responsibility declared and coherent with the production philosophy of Bertani Domains, the group owned by Angelini, which today brings together some of the best exponents of national enology (Bertani, Puiatti, Val di Suga, Trerose, San Leonino), all of which are today concentrated in the respect for the territorial vocations and in the exaltation of the identity of the native vines. All in the name of transparency and production rigor. Thus began a renovation project started from the vineyard, enhancing the particularities of some clones, to proceed with the manual harvest of some selections. The historic cellars of Castelplanio have been completely restored, while maintaining the original architecture in their external appearance. In the cellar new smaller tanks will allow to further separate the lots of Verdicchio to further enhance the differences in terms of soils, clonal selections and exposure of the vineyard, in the name of efficiency and continuous study that the company has decided to undertake on this vine.

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