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Vines Teroldego (100 %)
Philosophy Natural

Color: Bright ruby red.
Smell: The nose is intense and abundant with notes of berries and cherries.
Taste: On the palate it is austere, powerful and complex. In the mouth it enters creamy and enveloping, to conclude with a long and deep finish. A rich, full-bodied and pleasing wine, the last of the countless faces of the Foradori teroldego.
Food pairing: Perfect for dishes based on red meats, fish, cured meats and medium-aged cheeses.

Soil: Alluvial from the Noval, Regin and Pedot vineyards.
Extension of the vineyard: 4 ha.
Type of plant: Trentino pergola.
Vines density per hectare: 3,000.
Average age of the vineyard: 70 years.
Average production per hectare: 42 hl.
Vinification and aging: Delicate destemming without pressing. Spontaneous fermentation in large open oak vats and maceration on the skins for 20-30 days.
Aging: In 20-40 hl acacia barrels for 15 months and in concrete for another 2 months.
Total sulfur: 52 mg/l.
Bottles produced: 20,000.


“How would I define myself? A keeper of the earth ”. This is how Elisabetta Foradori, also nicknamed "the lady of Teroldego", speaks of herself. The Foradori company is located in Mezzolombardo in the middle of the Campo Rotaliano, an alluvial plain formed by the Noce river and surrounded by vertical walls of Dolomite rock. The company was founded in 1901, but the first wines bottled by the Foradori family date back to grandfather Roberto, in the early 1950s. Thanks to the innovative ideas of Rainer Zierock and the vision and tenacity of Elisabetta Foradori, the company was able to gradually spread the native Teroldego vine. Today the whole family is involved: Emilio (the philosopher) as an oenologist and agronomist, Theo (the polylogue) as a popularizer and diplomat, Myrtha (the agronomist) as responsible for the production of vegetables. Elisabetta remains the top councilor and deals with the agricultural diversification of Foradori. The compartments are never watertight and everything is created and evolved thanks to the team of collaborators. The Foradori work the 25.5 hectares of vineyards by hand and deepen agronomic practices through the concepts of biodynamics. They know they are temporary managers of a land for everyone and therefore have the burden of respecting and protecting it. They believe in agricultural diversification and independence, in the professional and human development of those who work. The deepening of Teroldego follows two paths: respect for tradition (Granato and Foradori) and the search for more experimental expressions (Morei, Sgarzon and Lezèr). On the hills of Cognola, on the other hand, they work with the whites Nosiola and Incontro Manzoni. The company is in constant motion to improve themselves and support those around them: Elisabetta's result was to obtain a grape with characteristics that perfectly reflect the territory.

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