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Extra virgin olive oil

With the "Essenza" line, Frantoio Muraglia returns to the essence for which it has always worked: oil.

Essenza means the highest quality oil in a pret-à-gourmet dress, elegant yet democratic extra virginity.

"Essenza" Intense Fruity is an extra virgin olive oil made only with Coratina olives. Of fine workmanship it is expressed with notes of thistle and artichoke leaves. Slowly we are wrapped in spicy tones typical of this cultivar.

Frantoio Muraglia

Frantoio Muraglia was born in Andria, the capital of Apulian oil, five generations ago, but the patriarch of the spring family counts 450. It is a majestic Coratina olive tree, an autochthonous cultivar armed with polyphenols as few of the 538 Italian varieties classified. Our history of millers begins with this green giant that dominates our countryside in the Murgia plateau, an expanse of about 40 hectares of olive trees. Savino Muraglia senior bought it to make us oil, challenging those who told him that with the land and olives one does not make a fortune. Who was really right, time will tell. What is certain is that from that stubborn way - a "capatosta" say the Apulians - the story of an oil was born that is now found in the gourmet corners of forty countries. But many things remained exactly as they were originally. Starting with the oath to protect the biodiversity of the agricultural landscape and plants of strategic importance for food, such as olive trees. We continue the hand picking of olives and cold pressing in the ancient stone mill. To travel in the direction of Italian extra virginity without compromise. And of course to be what we have always been: Capatosta.

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