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Vines Syrah ( %), Vermentino ( %)

Color: Pale pink with peach shades immediately expresses its intriguing personality.
Smell: The incisive and unmistakable bouquet pervades the senses, inebriating with Mediterranean hints that merging with those of fresh fruit and ripe fruit fully satisfy. Finally, the September fishing stands out. Floral notes are not long in coming, with light hints of rose. The result is an extremely persuasive, fine and elegant nose.
Taste: Fruity notes return to the palate and captivating citrus sensations are added, such as pink grapefruit. Little by little the savory nuance elegantly makes its entrance into this whirlwind of gustatory sensations. Alie 2019 is full, silky and deep. The aftertaste explodes in a succession of fresh and persistent aromas.
Food pairing: It goes well with smoked salmon and generally smoked fish, raw ham, white meats, poultry and cooked fish. Excellent on spicy dishes or oriental cuisine.

Alie, a figure from Greek mythology, one of the marine nymphs, a symbol of sensuality and beauty. Alìe, an elegant Rosé with a light, pure color, with soft ruby ​​reflections. A refined balance between Syrah and Vermentino, which find their maximum expression in proximity to the sea. Aromas of white flowers, wild strawberries and citrus peels come together in a delicate structure with typical mineral points of the territory, which give a long and rich finish. Enchanting from aperitifs to meals and in good company.

Climate trend: The 2019 seasonal trend was highly variable. After a harsh and dry winter we had a significant advance of the vegetative period that started already in March. The colder and rainier phase of late spring has both slightly slowed the vegetative-productive development of the vine and allowed to rebalance the water reserves in preparation for what was a hot summer.The vineyards arrived at the time of harvest in excellent physiological conditions; the good weather trend of the summer has allowed us to have very healthy grapes, with a good polyphenolic maturity and with the development, in the ripening phase, of an excellent aromatic kit.
Vinification and aging: Alìe's secret lies in all the territorial characteristics, the management of the vineyard and obviously the human factor. Alìe was born where the proximity to the sea is combined with a typical white variety vineyard production and a white production process also for Syrah. From the vineyard to the cellar, attention to detail is fundamental. Once harvested, the grapes are transported to the cellar in a short time in order not to spoil or damage the bunches. However, one of the highlights of Alìe's production is the pressing phase. The bunches are fully loaded in the press and in the absence of oxygen. The pressures applied during this phase are the softest and most delicate; this process together with the careful selection of the musts and a subsequent decantation of these for no less than 12 hours allows to eliminate all those vegetable components that would otherwise make the wine graceless. Fermentations take place in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature below 20 °C. After a few months aging on fine lees, also including a bottle period, Alìe 2019 is finally ready to seduce and fascinate making every sip passionate.


Creativity and the pursuit of excellence have been handed down over the centuries in all generations of the family. In 1300, during the exile of Dante Alighieri, the poet friend Dino Frescobaldi brought him back the first seven songs of the Divine Comedy, thus allowing him to complete the work. In the 1700s, the Baroque compositions of the famous musician Girolamo Frescobaldi spread throughout Europe. With great openness to the future, the family's ancestors introduced vines to Tuscany that were unknown at the time in 1855, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Nero and Chardonnay. The 20th century is characterized by the action of Vittorio, Ferdinando and Leonardo Frescobaldi who made an important contribution to elevating Tuscany to a place of excellence for viticulture. Today Lamberto Frescobaldi has collected the witness who, thanks to his long technical experience, has the aim of further strengthening the uniqueness of the wines of each estate of the family.

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