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Vines Sangiovese ( %)

Color: CastelGiocondo Brunello 2015 has a deep ruby ​​red color.

Smell: The nose is expressed with very clear aromas of wild berries and sour cherries in alcohol. Cinnamon, tobacco, mint and tea leaves make up a very complex aromatic picture where each component alternates without prevailing over the others.

Taste: In the mouth it is enveloping, with velvety tannins that give a creamy sensation. The alcoholic component is balanced by a fresh balsamic and sapid mineral sensation. The finish is very long, typical of the CastelGondo of great vintages.

Food matches: Braised beef, fillet of beef, aged cheeses.

It comes from a rigorous selection of only Sangiovese grapes in the vineyard, where all the characteristics necessary to enhance this ancient grape variety are scrupulously respected: the ideal altitude, the draining soils and the south-west exposure. It is a wine of great structure, elegant, balanced, with intense aromas and great finesse.

Climate trend

Sangiovese di CastelGiocondo sprouted during the first week of April and continued to grow regularly, taking advantage of the abundant water reserves left since 2014 and rainfall in the norm of winter 2015. The season continued with a dry and sunny climate, which has allowed a homogeneous development of the vegetative wall. July was very hot and dry with temperatures of 5 ° C higher than the average; thanks to the agronomic choices that we have perpetuated for years, such as the autumn tillage, sowing of green manure and the management of the foliage, the vines were not excessively affected by the high temperatures in July.

In the first week of August, two important rains gave relief to the plants and lowered the temperatures allowing the vines to synthesize aromas, anthocyanins and tannins; of primary importance for the quality of the wines.

Vinification and aging

The careful care placed in the vineyard, together with the typical features of this unmistakable terroir, led to a beautiful harvest. The Sangiovese grapes were harvested by hand and once they arrived in the cellar, subjected to a scrupulous selection. The fermentations took place in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature, with frequent pumping over especially during the early stages. The wine was then subjected to aging in wood, where it had the opportunity to mature, refine and balance itself. CastelGiocondo Brunello is ready to be placed on the market 5 years after the harvest and only after further refinement in the bottle.

Maceration time: 30 days
Malolactic Fermentation: Carried out after the alcoholic one
Aging containers: French oak barrels and Slavonian oak barrels
Aging time from the harvest to January 1, 2018, after spending 2 years in wood and 4 months in bottle


Creativity and the pursuit of excellence have been handed down over the centuries in all generations of the family. In 1300, during the exile of Dante Alighieri, the poet friend Dino Frescobaldi brought him back the first seven songs of the Divine Comedy, thus allowing him to complete the work. In the 1700s, the Baroque compositions of the famous musician Girolamo Frescobaldi spread throughout Europe. With great openness to the future, the family's ancestors introduced vines to Tuscany that were unknown at the time in 1855, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Nero and Chardonnay. The 20th century is characterized by the action of Vittorio, Ferdinando and Leonardo Frescobaldi who made an important contribution to elevating Tuscany to a place of excellence for viticulture. Today Lamberto Frescobaldi has collected the witness who, thanks to his long technical experience, has the aim of further strengthening the uniqueness of the wines of each estate of the family.

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