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Vines Merlot ( %), Sangiovese ( %)

Color: The color is very intense and brilliant ruby ​​red.

Smell: Complex on the nose, it gives notes of ripe blueberries and blackberries that leave ample space for hints of thyme, coffee and dark chocolate.

Taste: In the mouth it is lively, intense, with a dense and silky tannic texture. The finish develops tertiary aromas of toasted hazelnut and coffee that persist for a long time leaving a pleasantly intense sensation.

Food matches: Pan-fried beef fillet, roasted or grilled meats. Excellent also with light cheeses.

From the Castiglioni Estate, the oldest of the Frescobaldi family, the rarest and most exclusive Cru was born in 1999. The characteristics of the soils, the ideal microclimate and the strict selection ensure the extraordinary quality continuity of each harvest. The result is a wine of great intensity, rich, silky and very long persistence.

Climate trend

The 2013 vintage is characterized by the abundant spring rains, which ensured a continuous freshness of the soils in the following months. Summer in Castiglioni began in the third week of June, with maximum temperatures above 30 degrees. The generous temperature range between day and night that also took place in July allowed the vines to have a generous vegetative development, essential for the maturation and accumulation of polyphenols in the peel. In mid-August, the temperatures allowed a rapid and homogeneous veraison and in September the vines arrived in perfect condition, foreshadowing an excellent harvest.

Characteristics of the production area
Origin Tenuta Castiglioni, Municipality of Montespertoli
Altitude 250 m
Surface 6.5 Ha
South-West exposure
Soil type 1) clayey soils rich in calcium and mineral elements, alkaline PH 2) sandy soils - with evident river pebbles. Well
draining, neutral PH

Plant density 5,500 plants / Ha
Spurred cordon cattery

Technical notes
Merlot variety and small parts of Sangiovese
Alcohol content 14.5%
Maceration time Merlot 25 days, Sangiovese 21 days
Malolactic Fermentation Carried out in barriques immediately after alcoholic fermentation
Aging containers Barriques
Aging time 16 months in new barriques and 6 months in bottle
Available formats Bordolese (0.75), Magnum (1.5 l), Double Magnum (3 l), Imperiale (6 l), Melchior (18 l).
The fertile soils of the two vineyards have different conformations: clayey to enhance the characteristics of Merlot and stony
for the cultivation of elegant Sangiovesi. The temperate and dry microclimate and the characteristic freshness of these soils
give the wine a marked intensity of the fruit.


Creativity and the pursuit of excellence have been handed down over the centuries in all generations of the family. In 1300, during the exile of Dante Alighieri, the poet friend Dino Frescobaldi brought him back the first seven songs of the Divine Comedy, thus allowing him to complete the work. In the 1700s, the Baroque compositions of the famous musician Girolamo Frescobaldi spread throughout Europe. With great openness to the future, the family's ancestors introduced vines to Tuscany that were unknown at the time in 1855, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Nero and Chardonnay. The 20th century is characterized by the action of Vittorio, Ferdinando and Leonardo Frescobaldi who made an important contribution to elevating Tuscany to a place of excellence for viticulture. Today Lamberto Frescobaldi has collected the witness who, thanks to his long technical experience, has the aim of further strengthening the uniqueness of the wines of each estate of the family.

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