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Vines Chardonnay ( %), Pinot Nero ( %)
Bubbles , Sans Année

The Cuvée Hommage to Francois Hemart is a tribute to the founding partner.

Produced with a blend of 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay, it is initially fermented in amphora and left in contact with the yeasts for 6 months followed by a further refinement of 6 months in barrels in the Argonne forest. After the second fermentation it matures in the bottle for at least 3 years before disgorgement.

Intense golden yellow color with amber reflections. The nose is elegant with notes of peach, honey, brioches and toasted hazelnuts. The palate is intense with notes of dried fruit with a long savory finish.

Henri Giraud Champagne House has ancient origins. Founded in 1625 by the Hémart family in Aÿ, the company developed in 1900 with the union between Madeleine Hémart and Léon Giraud. Léon recognized the excellence of the land and replanted the vineyard destroyed by phylloxera.

Today Champagne Henri Giraud is led by the twelfth generation of Hèmart-Giraud with Claude Giraud, oenologist with studies in Burgundy, who has made Champagne Henri Giraud one of the best Champagne Maison in the world.

Today the company produces around 260 thousand bottles per year, for 50% of the Esprit Nature cuvée.


With the exceptional 1990 vintage, Claude Giraud created the Fût de Chêne cuvée, fermented in small oak barrels from the Argonne forest. The wine has immediately established itself internationally making it right among the great Champagnes.

This new Champagne represents not only a new cuvée awarded and celebrated all over the world, but the beginning of a different way of conceiving the winemaking of Champagne Henri Giraud.

In fact, since 1990 the use of barriques produced with woods from the Argonne forest, located 60km east of Reims, has become part of all the Cuvées produced by Henri Giraud; because for Claude Giraud "even forests have a terroir like vineyards" and "there are no great wines without great woods".


"Pleasantness, maturity, territory" this is the company motto. Being able to be complex without sacrificing drinkability.

Henri Giraud Champagne, which prefers the use of Pinot Noir, are full-bodied and structured wines. The vinification in wood adds complexity and oxidative notes but without ever dominating the fruit. If you want a light and fruity Champagne, an "aperitif" champagne, then Henri Giraud is not for you. If instead what you are looking for in a Champagne is a wine that can accompany you throughout the meal, which is intense and tasty, Champagne Henri Giraud will amaze you.


In 2016 Claude Giraud surprised everyone by announcing the Révolution Nature. Since the 2016 vintage Champagne Henri Giraud has abandoned the vinification in steel. All their cuvées will be vinified either in wood from the Argonne forest or in amphorae. This turning point represents a return to the true origins of wine and is already bringing exceptional results. Furthermore, none of the vineyards from which Henri Giraud Champagne grapes are treated with pesticides.

Henri Giraud

Located in AY, a Grand Cru village in the heart of the Vallée de la Marne, Henri Giraud is a family-owned boutique house with almost four hundred years of experience behind it. The Maison is dedicated to the production of top quality champagne by combining research and tradition. They were the first to reintroduce the wooden barrels of the Argonne forest, a historical source of quality in the production of Champagne. Since 2016 Henri Giraud has stopped vinifying his wines in steel and uses exclusively terracotta amphorae and wooden barrels from the Argonne forest.

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