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Vines Pinot Nero ( %)
Philosophy Biodynamic Wines
Bubbles Cuvée

Color: Pale straw yellow, fine perlage.
Smell: The nose is fine, elegant and complex, with notes of white flowers, white and red pulp fruit, candied citrus fruits, then hints of honey.
Taste: On the palate the sip is balanced, rich in fruit aromas, fresh, savory and mineral with citrus persistence.
Food pairing: Perfect for fish and shellfish dishes, delicate white meats and not very mature cheeses.

Vinification: Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation partially carried out.
Reserve wines: 50%.
Dosage: 0 g/l.

Hugues Godmé

Hugues Godmé represents the fifth generation of his family to produce Champagne in Verzenay. Its 7.5 hectares are divided between the villages of Verzy and Verzenay, classified as Grand Cru, for Pinot Noir, Ville Dommange for Meunier and Villers-Marmery for Chardonnay. In all 40 parcels, all vinified separately, which give rise to 45,000 bottles. Since 2006 Hugues has been engaged in organic and biodynamic cultivation which resulted in an Ecocert certificate in 2013 and Biodyvin in 2014. But beyond a piece of paper, its real goal is to create an ideal balance between nature and man and find respect for the former and the well-being of the latter. Hugues applies his philosophy of life especially in the vineyard because, he says, the grapes that grow on the vines and that he tastes before harvesting, is what will be his bottled wine and must be good, right from the start. For this reason, if you go to the Verzeney office, you will rarely find it in the office. He is in the vineyard and loves to be there.

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