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Vines Pinot Meunier ( %)
Philosophy Bio Wein
Bubbles , Sans Année

Color: Golden yellow, fine perlage.
Smell: The nose is rich and complex, intense note of exotic fruit, apricot and peppermint, with citrus fruits and mineral references.
Taste: The palate is intense, velvety and full of fruity notes, with good acidity and persistence.
Food pairing: Perfect for dishes based on fish, crustaceans and molluscs, but also white meats, poultry and lightly aged cheeses.

Production area: Vallée de la Marne.

José Ardinat

Nowadays the 8.20 hectare vineyard is cultivated by José Ardinat, his wife Joelle and their son Christophe. This vineyard has been established by former generations, Simon, Dumont and Faust families. We can find written traces of their winegrower past back to 1750 but these old families probably started long time before. José Ardinat, craft-man in wrought iron, arrived in the vineyard in 1972. He immediately took an avid interest in his new job and was eager to learn. Furthermore, the organic farming methods used since 1971 were also remarkable, and remain the standard at Ardinat-Faust. It is Serge FAUST, the father of Joelle, who decided in 1968 to adopt organic agriculture, leading to the first full harvest in 1971. There were no pre-existing rules or practices for such methods given to these pioneers, who had to improvise and create a new type of vineyard culture. The risks were great since the entire vineyard was converted. At the beginning, the excitement of opening a new chapter in viticulture solicited enthusiasm, but at the same time, doubts were present every day. Adversity did not lessen the commitment, but instead united the family behind this ambitious project. Organic Viticulture must continue to evolve, but all comes from the first beginning steps on this path… Serge Faust chose the conversion to organic methods promoted at the time by Lemarie-Boucher. In 1984, the banner changed: José Ardinat and his wife Joelle began organic certification with Nature and Progress. The vineyard and winery are now certified by Ecocert since 1989. As harvesting time approaches, samplings are taken from every plot of the vineyard on a regular basis, in order to check the health and maturation of the fruits. In this manner the harvesting round is adapted to the features of each grape variety. Grapes are manually harvested according to their optimal ripeness. Next step is the traditional pressing. In the springtime, after Jose and Christophe Ardinat have agreed on the make up of each cuvée, the clarified wine is bottled without any filtering. Specially selected yeasts are used for the secondary fermentations and only reserve wines are used for the dosage during the disgorging process.

Classic Method

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