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Philosophy Bio Wein

It is a tribute by Koval to the aperitif culture.
Made from Cranberry berries (American cranberry) and other ingredients grown by organic producers in the Midwest, Cranberry Gin Liqueur is accompanied by the soft and clear notes of Koval Gin, with its 13 botanical components.

It seduces with its fruity and sweet and sour aromas and is an excellent base for easy-to-prepare cocktails, suitable for all seasons - simply with Prosecco or tonic water.
With its all-natural dazzling color and its sweet and acidic freshness at the same time, Koval's Cranberry Gin Liqueur is an accessible but at the same time original way to invent new cocktails or to give a distinctive sign even to the most well-known classic mixes.

Koval Distillery

Koval Distillery began producing in 2008 and is the first artisanal distillery built in Chicago since the times of Prohibition. All the starting cereals and raw materials used come from the Midwest, the region in which the distillery is located, and all production processes are carried out within the same: from the treatment of cereals (scratching) to the addition of hot water to fermentation (mashing), from distillation to bottling and packaging. The founders of Koval Distillery, Robert and Sonat Birnecker, abandoned their academic careers to continue the tradition of Robert's grandfather, an Austrian distiller. They swore to create a sustainable family business with the aim of producing high quality spirits starting exclusively from organic raw materials. Koval produces small quantities of 100% distillates from "organic" cereals, avoiding common industrial practices of purchasing already neutral grain distillates and "building" the various products. Everything that is produced in Koval Distillery is certified organic and "kosher" (pure according to Jewish law). All "Koval's Whiskeys" are aged in 30-gallon barrels (113.55 liters) which, depending on the distillate to be aged, are medium toasted or heavily burnt. This means that the distillate, where only the "heart" has been used, discarding "head" and "tail", can develop both the characteristic aromas of the starting cereal and the sweet and voluptuous ones of the treated wood. The term "single barrel" used on labels refers to the fact that the bottles come from specific barrels and are numbered accordingly. All Koval spirits can be traced, identifying the aging barrel and even the specifications of the shipment of the raw material of the supplying farm.

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