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Léopold Gourmel

Léopold Gourmel was a winemaker and saddler craftsman from Ile de Ré in the 19th century. When his nephew, Pierre Voisin, created his first cognacs in 1972, he immediately thought of his grandfather and called him by his name. Aiming for the best possible quality in Gourmel cognacs, today Nicolas Sinoquet continues the tradition of excellence established by his predecessor, Olivier Blanc. The company's cognacs are distilled and matured in line with their origins; let time do its job. Inspired by the universe of the great Bordeaux wines, these cognacs come from the best terroirs that require strength and aromatic intensity. Whether you choose the "Sommelier" or the "Classique" range, the Léopold Gourmel cognac will live up to the most unique expectations with its elegance and natural affirmation. The Léopold Gourmel cognacs are made using the wines from the Pinne Bois area in Cognac, the oldest subsoil region where the roots can go up to 20-30 meters to draw the best resources from the subsoil. Here is also the most hilly land, which offers an eastern exposure and therefore a better maturity. This makes the wine stronger, richer, more aromatic and mineral. Distillation is provided separately on balanced wines, aged on the lees, which give the bouquet maximum intensity, as well as complexity and strength. Léopold Gourmel therefore specifies a so-called "fat" distillation which concentrates the aromas of the wine, giving energy and ardor to the spirit. Each of them is unique and conservative its original aromas up to the blend that takes place after aging. Aging is guaranteed in oak barrels by a base of fine-grained secular trees which ensure a delicate woody note necessary for great finesse and extreme complexity. To facilitate tasting, pure water must be added to the spirit to bring it from 70° to 40°. Léopold Gourmel noted in the process of adding cognac, the weak on the strong, a certain "saponification" that emerges soapy aromas. However, the opposite procedure releases more and more flavors. But the company is not trying to add products, but to control them. Dig deeper. Therefore, a strong batch and a weak batch are extracted separately from the image. Over time, the strongest integrates with the weaker and slowly brings the spirit to 40°, 41°, 42°, 43° or 46°. Léopold Gourmel selected to produce a pure and pure cognac. That's why no coloring components are added to our sommelier range. We are defenders of a spontaneous cognac and we will not use cold filtration methods but a much more delicate method to preserve the organoleptic quality of the product. The company also gives priority to cultivation methods in harmony with the environment.

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