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Vines Sauvignon Blanc ( %)

Color: Straw yellow.

Smell: Fruity nose, with mineral hints, hints of tropical fruit and elderflower.

Taste: fresh, balanced, savory with good persistence.

Food matches: Appetizers, fresh cheeses, fish, Sushi, shellfish.

The selections are produced with the grapes of our "historic" vineyards, vinified separately according to the variety and vineyard of origin. Fermentation and maturation takes place in 500-liter French oak barrels (tonneau) to increase their aromatic breadth without changing their original characteristics.

Sauvignon Blanc is an international grape variety grown in many areas of the world. The two reference schools (areas) are French; the Loire valley which produces particularly aromatic, sapid and mineral Sauvignons and the Bordeaux area which vinifies this variety often in assembly with the Semillon giving it structure and body. In both cases, elegance and finesse are proper only to the best wines.

The right bank of the Isonzo, with its hot and stony soils, decisive for a superior structure, and a climate favored in the temperature change by the ventilation of Balkan origin and the Mediterranean influences for its proximity to the sea, is a site of great potential for take what can be called "the Friulian way to Sauvignon Blanc".

Lis Neris

When the Isonzo river leaves the narrow gullies that harness it during its Slovenian journey, here is Gorizia, one of the most disputed border towns in Europe. An enchanting scenery appears dotted with small villages grown around a bell tower. The vineyards characterize the landscape and with their phases they mark the rhythm of the days. In this context, since 1879, five generations of my family have contributed with work and passion to the construction and growth of one of the most representative productive realities of Eastern Friuli. 1981 is the year of change and it is there that a new production mentality began to take shape aimed at achieving superior quality. White wines have proven to be the best expression of this territory, a peculiarity that we have acquired as the cornerstone of our mission. Our goal is to make better and better wines and our job is to create the conditions for this to happen. We hope that in tasting and offering these wines you will experience the same pleasure that we feel in producing them.

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