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Vines Friulano ( %)

Color: Straw yellow with characteristic greenish reflections.
Smell: A personal perfume on the nose, with a delicate aroma and hint of almond.
Taste: The flavor is full-bodied, dry and harmonious.
Food pairing: Excellent between meals, it is the classic aperitif wine. On the table it goes very well with fish dishes, but also with grilled white meats. Particularly suitable to accompany San Daniele raw ham, even when slightly smoked.

Production area: Municipality of Dolegna del Collio.
Soil: Marl and Clay.
Breeding system: Cappuccina, Guyot.
Vendemmia: Manual in cassettes.
Vinification: Cold maceration in a horizontal press for eight hours and subsequent cleaning of the must by decantation.
Fermentation takes place in steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 18 °C.
After fermentation, the product thus obtained is not decanted and therefore remains to mature in the same containers for about five months, keeping it at a constant temperature.
At the end of this period, bottling is carried out followed by refinement in the bottle before the wine begins to be distributed.


A history spanning over fifty years from 1964 to 2014 and which has its origins in a passion and a family tradition: love for their land, Friuli, in particular for that extreme edge that represents the last bastion of Italy to Eastern Europe: the Collio. In 1964 my father Dorino Livon bought the first land on the Collio hills and, little by little, added others to it. In the early eighties, my brother and I joined the company. This is how new ideas and strategies are born, focusing above all on the quality that has distinguished us in the world since 1985 with our logo represented by the Winged Woman of ERTE '. The following decade is consequently characterized by the consolidation of what was previously set. The next strategic turnaround of the Company occurred during the five-year period from 1992 to 2001 when, we realized that in order to remain competitive within a market whose scenarios were rapidly changing, we decided to buy two companies in particularly suitable outside Friuli: the Borgo Salcetino farm located in Tuscany in the heart of the Chianti Classico and Fattoria Colsanto, Umbria, in the Municipality of Bevagna (PG) in the DOCG area Montefalco. In 2008 after a long period of renovation, the ancient Locanda Villa Chiopris, acquired in 2003, regains its ancient splendor, becoming a place for events, tastings and B&B service with pleasant moments of relaxation immersed in vineyards. Today, fifty years later, our children represent the continuity not only of the family, but also of those values ​​and of the philosophy that have made our brand grow and made its wines known internationally. Results that when we were young, they seemed almost unimaginable.

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