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Vines Merlot ( %), Sangiovese ( %)

Luce della Vite

When Vittorio Frescobaldi - in the early nineties - meets Robert Mondavi, he gives birth to a new chapter in the history of the great Tuscan wines, in the history of Tuscan wine excellence. From that meeting, Luce was. Everything was born from the desire to make a dream come true: to create excellent wines in a terroir already particularly suited, Montalcino. An ambitious project called Luce della Vite, in homage to the primary element that gives warmth, energy, life: in nature, nothing would exist without light. Over the years, Tenuta Luce has honored this vision by becoming the cradle where to give shape to exclusive wines that have crossed the borders of their territory, gaining unanimous consent. And international. Sun, warmth, life. It is the tale of Light. With the natural generational change, the baton was passed on to Lamberto Frescobaldi, Vittorio's son. Under his guidance, Tenuta Luce further consolidated the universe of expertise and knowledge, of discipline respectful of the rhythms of nature, of enological quality appreciated and loved thanks to which the fruits of the vine are transformed into excellent wines. The Tenuta Luce project is now enriched with a new winery, perfectly integrated into the land of Montalcino, and the Luce collection which, like an ancient library, preserves and tells the story of Luce. Here, as in the whole estate, the time of Nature reigns, the time of wine. And man becomes the custodian of a knowledge acquired by nature itself. The rayed Sun, emblem of Light. Brand of this ambitious project, a sun with twelve flames, a golden sun with a double meaning: source of life and nourishment, reference to the roots of our cultural tradition. Over the centuries, especially in Tuscany, the sun symbol has occupied an important role in both civil and religious iconography. In fact, the element that the Luce brand inspires is the Sun of the altar of Santo Spirito in Florence, a basilica built on land donated by the de ’Frescobaldi family. The altar, masterpiece of the ducal manufactures and built between 1599 and 1607, is decorated with marble inlay to enhance the colors of the lapis lazuli, onyx, of the different marbles. Courses and historical events, the infinite alternation of generations, of existences. A perpetual rhythm under the sun that rises every day in the sky shining or peering through the clouds, and every day sets behind our gentle slopes covered with vines.

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