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Vines Grillo ( %), Zibibbo ( %)

Color: Bright straw yellow.
Smell: The nose is fine and rich with notes of ripe white fruit.
Taste: On the palate it is fresh and savory, soft and balanced with a good aromatic persistence given by Zibibbo.
Food pairing: Perfect on fish and shellfish dishes, vegetables, fish soups.

Territories: Island of Pantelleria, 350 m a.s.l. and Contrada Samperi, Marsala (TP).
Vineyard area: 3 ha.
Vineyard age: 30 years in Pantelleria, over 20 years in Marsala.
Soil: Volcanic, hilly-terraced in Pantelleria; limestone-sandy flat in Marsala.
Breeding system: Pantelleria sapling in Pantelleria, Guyot espalier in Marsala.
Harvest: Zibibbo second week of September, Grillo first week of September.
Yield per hectare: 50 quintals in Pantelleria, 60 quintals in Marsala.
Vinification: From the roots of Pietranera and Grappoli del Grillo, after a rigorous manual selection of the bunches, the grapes are destemmed, delicately pressed and sent to cold maceration for about 24 hours; after soft pressing, the low temperature must remains to decant for 48 hours. The cleared part starts fermentation in steel tanks, at a controlled temperature, using indigenous yeasts.
Aging: 7 months in steel tanks, on the fine lees.
Bottles produced: 22,000.
First vintage: 1997.

Marco de Bartoli

A piece of Sicily, indeed a piece of Italian viticulture. A company with one head and two hearts, one in Samperi (Marsala) and the other in Bukkuram (Pantelleria). Sebio and Giuseppina are now at the helm of the company, left early by their father Marco in 2011. Marco was a volcano, a visionary dreamer. "He has the solar impetuosity of his land: when you meet him he would like to tell you everything in a few minutes and let you taste everything, explain his joy and satisfaction for positive judgments about his wine and together he would like to express his anger at how the wine from the South and becomes a Southern winemaker, and then, suddenly, he falls into the shadow of the men of his own land who have transformed the name Marsala, for decades, into an almost vulgar word. He has tears in his eyes when he talks about the degradation of his Sicily, he lights up with fury; but he immediately relaxes, in his thousand projects when the glass comes close to his lips. The “Vecchio Samperi” is a wine that has nothing to compare with it. Unique, arrogant, powerful, bold, but without disharmony, unrepeatable. And it is this wine - for a very fortunate adventure it could not be called Marsala because it is not fortified as the Marsala Vergine disciplinary provides - that brought him to the stage of the greats where he immediately had the role of the protagonist. The company is twelve kilometers from Marsala, in that land of Sicily that is great in all its manifestations, for better or for worse; hard land of hard men, of families settled on the territory. Marco De Bartoli has the Gascon signs of the will to win on all fronts and he won, with the tenacious, stubborn belief of being right, and to prove it he speaks a lot as is used in Sicily, not to tell about himself, but to allow me to drink : there is his greatest proof. "

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